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Check out the best areas to buy a house in Seattle

The housing market is very competitive in Seattle, as it is one of the best places to live on the West Coast.

The housing market is very competitive in Seattle, as it is one of the best places to live on the West Coast. So if you want to buy a house in Seattle, check out the best areas where you can find affordable and safe buildings below;

·        Ballard

Ballard is located along Puget Sound on the northwest side of Seattle, and here, you will find different buildings ranging from bungalows and cottages to condos and townhomes. The housing here is affordable and is a perfect neighborhood for young professionals. The median home price is about $522,193, and it has a low crime rate—safer than 14% of other Seattle neighborhoods. It also boasts of excellent schools and plenty of recreation spots about—a place for family.

·        Fremont

With a median home price of $533,092 and safer than 38% of other Seattle neighborhoods, Fremont is a place perfect for singles, families, and young professionals. Here you will find spacious condos, Craftsman-style homes, bungalows, and ultra-modern houses. Its proximity to the corporate campuses of technological companies like Adobe and Google makes this area attractive to young professionals. There are also local communal events that draw the members of the community together. Some of these events include the Fremont Sunday Market and the Fremont Oktoberfest, and through these events, neighbors get to know each other, providing a sense of security and neighborly love.

·        Ravenna

Ravenna is in proximity to the University of Washington, and it is safer than 86% of other Seattle neighborhoods. This area offers a lot of condos, new construction, and single -family homes. It is also a very quiet neighborhood. With a median home price of $591,627, it is perfect for students, singles, retirees, young professionals, and families. Apart from its safety, you will also find top-rated schools in Ravenna.

·        Wallingford

Wallingford is safer than 67% of other Seattle neighborhoods, with a median home price of $604,588. Between Fremont and Ravenna, this neighborhood offers spacious Craftsman-style houses, parks, playgrounds, top schools, et cetera. It is perfect for singles, young professionals and families. Bars, boutiques, restaurants, cafes are also not lacking in this northern neighborhood.

How to buy a home?

Buying a house is a huge commitment, and it requires some high level of planning and preparation to pull it off. Some things you should do when you want to buy a house are;

· Calculate how much you can afford

For you to get here, you must have come to terms with your decision to buy a new home. However, there is always the temptation of buying more than you can afford. You must be able to analyze how much you can afford, and yet still get a nice house for yourself. First, calculate your debt to income ratio, and then you can budget effectively. Remember that there are property taxes and other fees you will have to pay apart from the money to buy the house, so everything must be considered in your budgeting. Getting a home without having the full amount to pay is possible, but a substantial down payment has to be laid to insure your claim. So, you can save up for down payments and closing costs. You should also get pre-approved for a mortgage loan, to help you ease the burden of the cost of the home.

· Find the right real estate agent

A real estate agent is your representative in the entire transaction process. They help you get the homes that fit into your budget and interests. They also help you with the viewings, write offers, and also the negotiation process. While you can do without a Realtor, it is not advisable that you do so, especially as a first-time buyer. It is their duty to advise you on the complexities of the market, especially in that neighborhood.

· Begin house hunting

With the help of the real estate agent you have engaged, you can then begin house hunting. The type of houses you see will be based on your budget, but with a versatile house agent, you will not find yourself at the short of the deal.

You should always check out the home and appraise it before you pay for its purchase. It will help you identify the repair areas of the building and ascertain its structural integrity. With a versatile agent, you might also beat down the price of the house if some specific requirements are not met by the house owner.

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