Choosing a Secure CDN Provider


Secure CDN is a term used to describe a new class of high-speed Internet connections. With cWatch Web, you could connect the likes of media conglomerates, big content producers, and any other e-commerce firm that utilizes CDNs to ensure that their desired content reaches their global consumers at all times. Comodo's 29 secure CDN Pools is strategically situated in the most suitable locations of ISPs, network providers, and operators to make sure lightning fast delivery of what makes your website perform. The world's largest online information store - Wikipedia defines a CPN as "a hosted outside network service which offers the capacity to deliver a localized area network (LAN) level IP network via a gateway." In simple terms, a CPN links two different areas that have Internet connectivity.

With cWatch Web, you get the potential to securely transmit any Web site's content through a trusted and secure Content Delivery Network (CDN). This eliminates the possibility of the Internet user accessing a non-secure page. With a CPN, potential Web site visitors do not have an option to view non-secure pages and hence the name secure CDN.

In order to take advantage of secure CDN, you need to have a secure edge server that delivers the requested pages. The secure edge server is responsible for protecting the web pages from network traffic that is not intended to reach the website. There are two layers of defense that ensure this condition: first is the secured Content Delivery Network (SCDN), which translates the request into a lower layer protocol (LTP), and then it delivers the requested data as an IP packet over the IP network. The LTP layer acts as a liaison between the IP packets and the requested page objects.

The secure CDN ensures that key management infrastructure serves as a barrier against unauthorized access by other users. The system of key management infrastructure consists of multiple layers. The first layer hosts the master keys and other authorized users; the second layer delegates requests to dedicated secure edge servers and stores them in databases. The third layer acts as a link between the databases and the IP network.


Internet service providers or ISPs usually have their own data centers and data processing equipment. These data centers are usually located in different geographical regions. Based on the geographical location of an Internet service provider, Internet traffic to a particular edge server may be subject to various factors. For instance, an Internet service provider may have a data center that is located in one part of the world but is situated in another part of the world. Similarly, data centers sometimes host servers operating in another part of the world but are geographically closer to the origin server.

A secure CDN can help you combat some security threats like DDoS attacks and Distributed Denial-of-Service (DDoS) attacks. A typical CDN configuration has several layers of encryption. The encryption deployed in a secure CDN depends on the type of service and the application deployed. An example of a security application is the Fig application. Fig is a free software program for Fig administrators and it helps them to monitor the performance of their edge servers.

One way to ensure better reliability and performance of the secured CDN is to get the SSL certificate keys from your service provider. If the provider of the secure CDN also offers the SSL certificate keys then you will be safe because they will be considered as trusted operators. If you use a free CDN service then the SSL certificate keys will not be deployed with your system and therefore the authenticity of your system will be very much exposed. Using a paid CDN can be very costly because you will have to pay for the SSL certificate keys.

You should choose a provider that offers you good bandwidth so that all your website traffic is guaranteed. Bandwidth guarantees are quite important if you plan to use an edge server because this will determine how fast your network will run and how much data you can store. You can read more about choosing a secure CDN service provider on the Internet. If you do the proper research then you should be able to find a high-quality security service provider.

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