Node.js development

By choosing to invest in Node.js development you would be joining the bandwagon of big brands like PayPal, Yahoo, eBay, Netflix

Node.js is basically a runtime environment of JavaScript. A lot of momentum has been gained by this programming language since the initial release was made in the year 2009. In the year 2020, it is still growing and there are no signs of it to slow down.

When you are choosing to invest in Node.js you are likely to join the bandwagon of big brands like Netflix, eBay, Yahoo, PayPal. Website development services are there who can help a lot in developing your perfect app by using the Node.js.

Why invest in Node.js?

However, all the big companies are investing in Node.js because they might have seen something. So there are various reasons for which you can choose the Node.js language. They are as follows-

Increases efficiency and productivity

The Node.js language is basically a runtime environment of JavaScript as mentioned earlier and so it helps the enterprises in getting away with dependencies which are inter-silo. Merging of the frontend and backend team is also possible that can play a role in enhancing the efficiency of the process of your web development. Now for example according to certain data, it is known that the brand PayPal has witnessed an increment in the productivity of the developers by using Node.js. Double productivity is obtained at very little time and that is also by seeking the help of half number of people. Choosing the best website development company for your project is a tough job and so you need to be patient as well as wise.

Data streaming

The HTTP responses and requests are considered to be isolated events in the case of web platforms. So Node.js considers them as a data stream. It plays a role in leveraging data streaming for reducing overall processing time. This can be done by processing files even the progress for upload is going on. This is the reason for supporting real-time audio as well as video encoding and so Node.js is implemented by Node.js.


In the case of software development, Microservices are becoming a major trend. Now with Node.js, Microservices goes well. In the case of a serverless approach, it plays a major role in supporting it. Therefore it helps in demonstrating the effectiveness in the projects of enterprises. In terms of debugging, organization, and performances, it can be said that microservices offers varieties of benefits. So if you are interested in using the Microservices, then Node.js is the best choice.

Lightning speed

The powering of Node.js takes place with version 8 engine of Google and is written in the form of JavaScript. This helps in doing things fast. The most important thing which must be mentioned is that it also plays a role in increasing the speed of other frameworks. A single thread is created by this technology instead of creating multiple threads which may be a headache to many developers.

Serving as a proxy server

If your enterprise is not having any kind of professional infrastructure for proxy then it can be said that Node.js can help you by acting as a proxy server. The features of this technology are so effective that it can be used as a proxy server for server-side applications. This helps in performing many services with various response times like a collection of data from different resources and storing images or videos.

Single code database

It allows the developers in writing the JavaScript code and that is for both frontend and backend. So it is easy for the developers in sending data between client and server and so instant synchronization of data can be done. Node.js is basically having an NPM or package manager and that is having almost around 50,000 modules. These modules play a major role in helping the developers by sharing as well as rescuing the code. Hire Node.js experts who understand these functions very well.

A good fit is rendered for IoT

Node.js helps in allowing you to implementation of microservices. This implementation helps in tracking as well as real-time features of systems like geo-distributed. The real-time capabilities as well as the approach which is data-centric in nature make the run-time environment a good fit. This is a good fit for developing IoT. IoT stands for the Internet of Things.


One of the most popular frameworks for JavaScript in Node.js. It may be said that the disadvantages which are very less in number are becoming lesser with time whereas the benefits are growing daily. The large community helps in the growth of this Node.js. There are many Node.js development companies in India that will help you in clearing your doubts but the above-mentioned points where some of the basic points for which you can invest in Node.js for developing your project.


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