Certain couples give us a couple goals and then some who scare us from the word itself, love. But whether it is love or Aisuru or citation amour the feelings are always same and pure.

Have we ever thought about why it is always said to fall in love? Because love is a journey, in which we fall from the real-world to our dream world. A world which gives us the strength to fight against all our problems and also gives us a home in a person where we can go and forget all our problems and just be relaxed. Everybody defines love according to their own thoughts and languages. But whether it is love or Aisuru or citation amour the feelings are always same and pure.

We usually say that love is blind because when we are in love, we don’t care about the imperfections of our partner instead we fall in love even more with their imperfections. The decision of spending your life with a person is not easy but when we are in love this becomes the most beautiful decision of our life.  Love has no boundaries for languages, religion, or any other thing. Certain couples give us a couple goals and then some who scare us from the word itself, love. The couples giving us a couple goals have great chemistry among themselves, understand each other and the most important thing is that they trust each other.

But again, when we see some other couples, they have very little compatibility, they face problem in understanding each other also they lack trust. Sometimes by spending more time with each other their problem is solved and at last when nothing turns out they get separated. But there are other things we can do to solve such problems. We can also go and have an appointment with a couple coaches. Their vision of citation amour would do a great help in solving our problems.

People change gradually with time and when we are not able to accept that changes in the person we love, things become a bit messy, and due to lack of communication differences increase and couples reach the edge of separation. But sometimes a couple of coaches can act as a fabulous catalyst in improving our chemistry. They listen to you, understand you, and then make you understand the importance of your partner in your life.

Blame game

Judging each other is easy but understanding each other is what is going to solve the problem. Blaming each other without considering the actual cause of the problem is easy but understanding the problem and finding a solution together can only help you to give the perfect couple goals. Nobody is perfect in this world; everyone has imperfections but knowing and excepting someone with all their imperfections is what we call partnership.

Is living alone easy?

Making yourself busy or chilling with friends or Netflix is not going to help you always. There are situations when we need someone with whom we can feel at home someone whom we can trust blindly, someone who cares for us, who loves us without expecting anything other than love. So, it is important that when we get that someone special in our life, we take complete care of his emotions and never let him go.

Live your life to the fullest, fall in love with someone with all your heart and soul, and keep him to you for ages to come. It is very difficult to get true love but if you have one keep it safe. It's very easy to leave but it's difficult to stay and stay forever. Fights are an indispensable part of a loving relationship but never let these fights control your relationship or create a huge gap of misunderstanding and trust. Hold on to your relationship and make everyone moment of it worth living.

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