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Clear Advantages of Outsourcing to Cisco Based Call Centers

Cisco offers the most robust and efficient platform for running a call center operation. 5 clear advantages of Cisco based call center platforms and equipment are listed below:

Cisco offers the most robust and efficient platform for running a call center operation. 5 clear advantages of Cisco based call center platforms and equipment are listed below:

  1. Quality VoIP phones – Cisco supplies the most appropriate phones for call center operations, so much so, that Cisco phones have become synonymous with call center phones. All the options that you would ever need like mute and hold functions are available on the phone at intuitive locations. Cisco phones are used in almost all call center operations and agents are most familiar with these phones and hence, using anything else apart from Cisco can be a major inconvenience.
  2. Virtualization of process – Cisco call center software can be used for virtualizing CTI (Computer Telephony Integration), contact center routing along with reporting. It is easy to integrate Cisco solutions into interactive voice response (IVR) systems and automatic call distribution (ACD).
  3. Classifies agents and allows for resource monitoring – By employing Cisco software, you are able to manage agent data more effectively. It is possible to classify agents based on different parameters. This data can be used by TLs and managers to allocate calls to the most suitable agents. Also, it becomes possible to monitor resource usage with Cisco software.
  4. Easy to manage customer profiles – Customer-specific data is very important to understand customer preferences and manage customer profiles. Cisco platform makes the task of storing and sorting customer profile data simple.

Scalable solutions – Cisco call center solutions are employed by some of the biggest players in the market because Cisco systems are completely scalable. They can match up to any requirements and help a business gear up for the future needs.


Other Key Points before Outsourcing

Although employing the services of a Cisco based call center is a good decision, you should also seek other qualities in your call center. Some key points you should consider before call center outsourcing are:

  1. Cost advantage – To maximize cost advantage, you should outsource to a company that is located in a country that has an inferior currency value than yours. Outsourcing to developing countries like India can help you cut the cost of your call center operation by up to 2 to 5 times.

Scalability – At any time, you may want to expand your base of operation according to the increasing requirements of your business. Outsourcing to a competent vendor provides you the option to scale your workforce exactly as per your need. Also, you do not have to worry about hiring or training agents, as all the work is taken care of by the call center outsourcing company.

5 Advantages of Call Center Outsourcing to Cisco Based Call Centers

Call centers have become a quintessential part of businesses these days. In today’s highly competitive world, it is hard to imagine a company that offers product/services to survive without good call center services. One of the biggest requirements of the call center industry has always remained the network and call center software it utilizes. The quality of call and the consistency of connection directly depend on the networking solutions employed by an organization. Amongst the many networking platforms available in the market, Cisco is the most suited platform for any call center process.

Why choose Cisco-based call centers?
As discussed earlier, Cisco is a leader in the call center domain, both in quality and quantity. The devices manufactured by Cisco last longer and meet the technical requirements for reliable operation. There are many reasons why a company should rely on Cisco-based call centers. Some of them are listed below:
1. Cisco VoIP: Cisco VoIP telephony guarantees clearer sounds during communication. This allows customers and call center agents to communicate with each other comfortably. It has been seen that VoIP phones of inferior quality can make communication difficult and force call center representatives to repeat themselves many times. This can create confusion during calls and may enrage the customer. However, when using Cisco VoIP phones, these problems are rare. The interactions take place without any obstacle, which leads to greater customer satisfaction.
2. Cisco software packages: call centers require certain software solutions to perform their tasks consistently. To meet this requirement, Cisco offers unified packages that are easy to install and configure. Cisco-based call center services generally require solutions such as Unified Customer Voice Portal (CVP), Cisco Unified Communications Manager along with Unified CCE that comes with integrated email and chat, Cisco Unified Intelligence Center and Cisco Finesse, which is a website. Agent based desktop.
3. Cisco omnichannel solutions: today, it is increasingly important for companies to reach their customer base through different channels. Cisco solutions are smart enough to discover agent knowledge and route customer contacts (from different channels) based on the skill level of a customer service representative.
4. Latest generation reports: The Cisco software package comes with a reporting feature that can be used for full agent job reports. Reports can be used to analyze and rate an employee's performance over a period of time.
5. IVR Technology: Cisco offers an integrated voice response system better known as IVR that can be used to route calls automatically to the desired department. The use of cutting-edge IVR solutions in Cisco-based call center services makes them truly world class.

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