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Clinical Research Network: A Simple Definition

Clinical Research Network (CRN) is a network of sites for clinical research owned by investigators. It was started in 1993 and today, it has more than 35 sites accessible in 19 states. Once you partner with the Clinical Research Network (CRN), you will have full access to a very large network of clinical trial researches from the USA.

The contributors of Clinical Research Network (CRN) are considered thought leaders in different specialties and whose clinical trials are being recognized by a lot of people. They also have sponsors from all over the world that support the activities of the researchers, especially in adult and pediatric clinical trials.

Clinical Research Network’s mission is to significantly improve the quality of clinical trials by providing your organization with the latest and cost-efficient clinical trials accessible through their partner sites. They are famous for using just the latest technologies to maintain and improve the quality of their researches.

Quality Control

All the researchers contributing to the Clinical Research Network (CRN) are licensed and board-certified. When it comes to the facilities and instruments being used, they make sure that all are compliant with the HIPPA and SOP’s requirements. That means that all of the equipment is state of the art and is constantly checked and updated to meet the changing needs of every research.

Strict Recruitment Process

The Clinical Research Network (CRN) is constantly recruiting staff and researchers from the different certified networks so they are able to take a study or research into action when needed. With a proven success record for studies and sponsors ready to help, a clinical trial can be started immediately. This saves you a lot of time and resources.

Routine Meetings

All the contributors of the Clinical Research Network (CRN) are required to attend the routine meetings being set on specific times. Existing issues and suggestions for development are discussed as well as the training needed to make every research successful. Additional protocols are also being introduced and are reviewed by all of the attendees.

Dedicated Personnel

Every website connected to the Clinical Research Network (CRN) has specific and highly-trained professional staff assigned to it. There are also support staff for organizations and recruiters for those who wanted to participate in a clinical trial.

Fast Turnaround Time

The researchers who are part of the Clinical Research Network (CRN) submit high-quality results and service. They are all professionals in their area of expertise and their studies are valued and recognized by different organizations.

Fast and Effective Feasibility

Time is a very critical factor in determining the success of clinical research. It can either make or break a study depending on how it’s being utilized. The large network provided by the Clinical Research Network (CRN) produces efficient clinical research at the right time. This prevents any delay and further lapses that could potentially disturb your organization’s activities.

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