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In this write-up, we discuss some of the important topics related to taxation.

What is taxation and why is it important?

Taxation is the system according to which the government imposes various taxes on the citizens and various service providers, which is utilized to finance the various activities of the government which include building roads, transportation, defence work, and other duties of the government.

Types of taxes

Direct tax: These taxes are directly paid by the person to whom it is levied.

  • Income tax: Persons earning more than a certain slab of income are meant to pay taxes according to their current income amount.
  • ¬†Wealth tax: This tax is levied on persons whose net worth exceeds a certain amount. This tax constitutes a certain percentage of the amount the person possesses. Understanding the complexities of finances and taxes is sometimes tough to handle for a student. Hiring an accounting assignment help provider is a good option at such times.
  • Capital gains tax: If a person sells his or her property or stocks, he earns a certain amount. Capital gains tax is the tax applicable on this amount.
  • Gift tax: If a person receives a gift exceeding a certain amount, other than those received by their family members or at special events like marriages, they are liable to pay a gift tax.
  • Corporate tax: Corporate firms are meant to pay a certain tax to the government.¬†

Indirect tax:

  • Service tax: The citizens pay this tax on the services they avail.
  • Custom duty: These taxes are imposed on the good which will either be exported or are imported. Understanding the various dynamics in tax imposition is where students often feel the need to have access to assignment help in Canada.
  • Excise duty: these are the taxes imposed on the good which are made for utilization within a country locally.
  • Sales tax: These are the taxes citizens pay when they buy a good. Understanding the various concepts relating to taxation can sometimes be daunting and approaching a provider of accounting assignment help is a good option at such times.
  • Value-added tax: This is the tax added on a product at every level of the supply chain.
  • Toll tax: This is the tax levied on citizens for availing the service of a national highway.

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