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What are the best platforms to sell my online course?

This world Is full of opportunities and the internet is one of its parts regardless of where that knowledge comes from through a platform available on the internet

This world Is full of opportunities and the internet is one of its parts
regardless of where that knowledge comes from through a platform available on the internet

If you want to learn anything or want to teach anything then they are great platforms available on the internet by which you can gain knowledge or share knowledge with the help of these platforms. this is a part of the revolution where everyone is learning online especially during this pandemic of COVID-19. when we all have time, a lot of time to utilize and learn new skills. there are many creators who sell valuable things online to earn money, Now the point is you can sell your course to earn money online. But the main question is where? there are plenty of platforms available to start on the internet

Why online why not offline?

Here is the biggest reason — The Global eLearning Market Will Reach $325 Billion By 2025

The global eLearning market was worth an impressive $107 billion in 2015. By 2025, however, Research and Markets believe that it will reach a staggering total market value of $325 billion The reasons for this explosion in value come on the back of several main drivers: the need to educate vast numbers of people at low cost, the falling price of learning solutions, the needs of the modern workforce to engage in life-long learning, and the fact that learning through an internet portal is often more convenient than going to school.
There’s an increase in student retention rates for e-learning courses from 35–60%, compared with 8–10% of face-to-face training methods
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Best platforms to sell your online digital marketing course

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Scope of Digital marketing

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1. Make Your Own Website

The first thing came in my mind when someone asks how to sell an online course or any product is that Make Your Own Website
this is the best way to sell anything
Selling through an online store is an easy way to increase your market and get more sales from customers who value convenience.
The costs of building a website are much lower than what you’d spend to rent space and staff a physical classroom to teach Selling your course online on your own website is a much easier and more affordable way to start down the path of Digital entrepreneurship.

Here are some of the examples of the personal website which sells online courses
1. Digital marketing —
2. Data science —
3. UI Development —

2. Selling Courses on Third-party Platforms

using a Third-party platform is another best way to sell courses online. these platforms charge you in return for your sales as part of price or commission of the total price and it worth it because while you can concentrate only on your course content and they will market your course. on the other hand, if you created your own website then it is upon you to create as well as do marketing for your course if your not a Digital marketer then these is the most effective and easy to start option to all

Here Are some of the example of platforms to sell an online course
Best Online Course Platforms

  • Teachable
  • Podia
  • Udemy
  • simplilearn
  • SkillShare
  • coursera
  • LearnDash

1. Teachable

Pricing: From $0 per month to $299 per month. The cheapest platform starts at $29 for “Basic” features, such as a custom domain, email and affiliate marketing, drip course content, and coupon codes. However, the cheaper price tag does come with a 5% transaction fee.

2. Podia

Pricing: From $39 per month (Mover plan) to $79 per month (Shaker plan). The mover plan supports online course hosting, digital downloads, and email marketing. The great thing about this platform is that it doesn’t charge transaction fees, even at the lower price tier.

3. Udemy

Free (But you give up 50% of sales if Udemy brings in a student for you).

Udemy is often considered the best online course platform for people who want to start small without spending a lot of cash. Although you don’t get a lot of customer support, or freedom, you can start for free. However, you will need to give a portion of your revenue share — up to 75% to the Udemy brand.

4. simplilearn

Simplilearn Partner Program

Partner with Simplilearn and help young professionals gain access to advanced courses and shape their careers better. We offer multiple partnership models and you can pick one that fits your business well.

  • Authorized Training Partners
  • Academic partners
  • Online Course marketplace

3. Use Hosted Learning Management System (SaaS)

A SaaS Learning Management System is a platform where the data is hosted on the internet/server by a vendor or service provider. … All the information of your users, content, and data would be hosted in the cloud. You won’t have the need to get your own server, which would help you save some resources.

Benefits of acquiring a Saas Learning Management System

  • With a Saas LMS, your students can take the courses anytime, anywhere, injecting interactivity, and flexibility to your programs.
  • You would be able to optimize time and resources and keep your data safe.
  • Upgrade your users’ knowledge and help them grow to the next level with personalized daily learning.
  • Keep tracking the eLearning process through online and robust reports.
  • Recognize successful completion of training or course by the way of awarding certificates.
  • An environment that is conducive to higher learning.

These platforms which mentioned above is can be applicable for all type courses which are in demand

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