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Comprehensive Rules of Google Which Will Have Significant Impact in 2020

In the past one decade several Google Algorithm Update and guidelines have been formulated and successfully implemented by Google for the betterment and appropriation of new technology and methodology.

In the past one decade several Google Algorithm Update and guidelines have been formulated and successfully implemented by Google for the betterment and appropriation of new technology and methodology.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among such productive online tools which has changed the overall productivity of companies and business firms. The tool has impeccable power to build the image of an unknown firm in the global market and it has potential to bring favourable business for it.

In the year 2020 Google rules has planned to rule out the new trends for the global online market. So, before you start practicing or hiring any agency for SEO or Digital Marketing. You must consider these new rules of Google Search Quality for the better voice activated assistant.

Latest SEO Trends for 2021

In this year search engine optimization practices will be more specific and result oriented based on the previous statistics and record data related with the behaviour of website visitors, readers, and customers.

Search Quality Digital Experience

As a company you must understand that designing and developing the website will not serve any purpose, even good quality content on your website will not do.

If your website’s reaction time is poor and it takes several seconds to explore or open then you can experience the early quitter on your website as it had been observed in the past few years that website visitors do not appreciate bad experiences on the digital searches.

They demand for instant reaction on their action and if your website fails in doing that so, then, you may find less visitor numbers on your website or content. Therefore, now Google will also keep a close record of such websites or URLs which are poor in speed and reaction time.

Role of Artificial Intelligence (AI)

Because of the changing pattern and behaviour artificial intelligence took over the old rated technologies and almost all the industries have applied AI in their technology and learning patterns.

As a great initiative Google Algorithm Update has also joined it’s hands with artificial intelligence to serve the user with highest quality Search and satisfaction. By the implementation of such technology search process for a particular keyword will become more specific and smarter.

AI will now learn the pattern that for what reasons one Quality Content is getting popularity and other is not and on the basis of it’s artificial learning it will automatically segment the content under different heads. Popular content will be kept at the first and top rank.

Quality Large Content

Website with short content, short blogs and articles will not quality feedbacks from the readers and visitors. It was being observed that webpages with short content length didn’t get much visitors and even if there were visits, readers hardly stayed for some time on it.

It was also recorded that websites with large content and quality writings got huge traffic and long hour readers.

In 2020, Google core update will surveillance both kinds of websites and accordingly it will support the growth of a particular website.

It is important that quality search content on the webpage shouldn’t only be lengthy but it must be qualitative with rich content. The article and blog should cover all the aspects of the subject matter and it should be engaging. Quality Content should cover all the answers to the typically asked questions related with the chosen topic.

Avoid Sales Pitch in the Search Content

In 2020, according to the Google’s rules high quality informative content will be priority to boost the ranking of any website or business in the market. Other methods and techniques to drag-in the visitors will not work lately.

In the past few years it has been viewed that people and business invest more in the paid ads on the web pages to get maximum reach and still they don’t get the desired results. In a report it is mentioned that in the year 2017 wastage of billion dollars invested in the online ads was recorded.

Observing the trend in the increase of the cost of these ads will keep on increasing year by year and productive result is uncertain for this methodology. On the other hand, if you are adding valuable, informative, solutions based, factful, interesting, large content on your website, it will surely turn the visitors positively.

In-depth research and mature structuring of the search content will lead your website and business to the success and profit margins.

Impact of CTR & Dwell Time

In 2020, page ranking of any website will be based on the Click Through Rate (CTR) & Dwell Time. Because of the high internet speed people have built the behavior of getting better reaction time on their search content on web.  And for how long they stay on a particular website will matter which is called as Dwell Time or Switching Time.

Now Google algorithm update will keep close check on the pattern of the visitors, visiting a particular website and for how long they explore the stuff and data on it. And accordingly, websites will be eligible for rankings on Google search.

Video Quality Content Is Much Popular

In the past couple of years, it has been observed and well recognized that online videos have become more popular source among viewers than any other source of information or entertainment. It has even substituted television for a great impact on users.

People prefer YouTube Channel to refer for any damn information, subject matter, health tips, education, skills and training, and even entertainment. Because of the high-speed internet many companies and individuals have come up with their own social media platforms where People can spend much of their time to get entertained or get any sort of detailed visualized information.

So, if you wish to have better reach in the public then develop high quality video content and use most effective and searchable keywords in the description to get the Google search reach.

Website Ranking Will Be Determined On The Basis Of Mobile UX

In the past one-decade people all over the world have switched their overall productive official and non-official work on Mobile phones. And it has also been observed that people are buying latest mobile phones configured with high technical configurations that laptops or desktops or tablets.

Therefore, in the year 2020, websites with mobile interface will get much better response and popularity among users than people with online interfaces. A report says majority of mass population search for any information through their handsets rather than through personal computers. Now, Google update will help promote better your websites with mobile interface module.

Snippet Will be More Productive

In the Google search update organic results have been recorded for the quality content which includes snippet. A pictorial brief in the whole content can make huge difference for your content or webpage to get popular among readers or visitors. People prefer snippet content over and above any other format of writing or content.

Google algorithm has a system to calculate the number of clicks on your link and it was observed that nearly 54% clicks and visitors were there on snippet- based webpage. Develop high quality snippet providing answers to all the majority of questions asked. Accordingly, to the search quality of snippet ranking will be given.

Influencer Marketing Is A Profitable Trend

It has been seen that people who are search for solutions online look for authentic and trustworthy source. And by keeping it in the mind most of the SEO services providers have started doing influencer marketing in SEO. And it is much more effective as a pattern because people trust only influential personalities and they would love to buy products and invest in the products they offer.

If you work on your influencer market in 2020 you can expect to get a great hike in your profit margins as these influencer links can provide you more productive quality backlinks on your website and content, which will automatically increase the traffic on your webpage.

Voice Search on Website

As per the records, mobile phones were the main source of web search with voice activated command in the past couple of years. And it actually had an impact on the popularity of some of the websites.

So, in 2020 it will be beneficial if you develop your website enabled for voice search already. As it will provide you more traffic and reach on your search content and website. Majority of people don’t like to type with the help of keypad but what if, they get voice search option for their every single quality search. It is much more productive these days because of the technological upgradation in the mobile phones people use these days.

Google guidelines will not stop here, but it will have more updates to give to it’s users and subscribers in this year. But the above discussed guidelines rules will be really helpful for each and everyone to get their websites reachable and approachable by the maximum prospective visitors.

Website SEO would be more productive with the implementation and practice of these points. So, bring your business and thoughts online and get the huge traffic on your websites with the help of these small tools.

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