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A Complete Guide for YouTube Marketing in 2020

If you want to promote your business, you have no idea about it? Use YouTube marketing! It is an incredible platform and it has billions of active uses. Let's start to promote your business on YouTube

YouTube marketing is top-ranking among several social media marketers. Some consider the YouTube app as the social media network while others check this as an online video platform. 

Anyways there are numerous marketing possibilities on YouTube that too, especially when your viewers on the platforms and your competitors are not present. YouTube encounters about two billion logged-in monthly users worldwide and ranks as the most extensively used online platforms among U.S. adults. 

Luckily, we have put all together with the top 10 steps for YouTube marketing strategies to gain you to start from scratch. It would be best if you also studied the channel’s optimization, grow your subscribers, and develop your reach using the ads and influencer collaboration.   

1. Make a YouTube channel for business:

Initially, begin by launching the brand account on Google. You can make a YouTube channel using the usual Google account where you can enter them. Additionally, name and make the settings based upon the viewers to your email address. 

Here, multiple users can log in simultaneously; you can also open and maintain several channels.

2. Study about Your Audience:

Are you starting your marketing on YouTube? Then analyze the YouTube demographics, which includes the quantitative data, like where the bunch of users lives, whose 15% of website traffic comes from the U.S., the effective age range of the audience with 81% population is between 18 to 25 years old and viewing chances with the 70% of the watch time. 

When the viewers have left their responses by using their comments, you can read through them to see their preferences and interests. While analyzing YouTube’s audience with other social media audiences, you can know that YouTube audiences are easily connected with them, where you can use brainstorming ideas for your videos. Always plan to engage your audience you have with their desired subjects to develop.

3. Investigate your competition:

Next level, competitive analysis! Similar to other platforms, YouTube works with a competitive place. By managing a competitor’s report, you can check how your channel measures and finds out the chances. 

  • Find out the Competitors
  • Perform a SWOT analysis

4. Know from Your favorite channels:

Check down through your subscriptions and your YouTube history. As you scroll down, you can understand the formats and their techniques to hold the attention. Also, take a look at trending videos of YouTube. 

Check out the favorite brands and perform the same exercise. Start to rethink your YouTune content strategy for your competitor to implement. What type of content does it make sense for the brand? Do you need to plan to utilize YouTube to tell stories, provide tutorials, or set up your brand as a trendsetter? 

5. Improve your videos to gain views:

YouTube is a video search engine. Like Google, YouTube has the video results that rank using the titles, descriptions, keywords, and other factors. Moreover, based on the YouTube algorithm, that estimates about 70% of people tend to watch. 

Optimize the videos so that you can maximize your YouTube likes that increase the popularity, the best choice to reveal in their search results, and gain more ideas. 


  1. Try writing a strong title.
  2. Make an outstanding thumbnail
  3. Optimize your content with the keyword-rich description
  4. Include cards, bumper ads, end screens, and watermarks
  5. Prompt audience to like, subscribe, and share. 

6. Publish and plan your videos:

Now that you have made and optimized your videos, it’s the perfect time to plan them for publication. The audience is 18 to34-year-olds; YouTube has renewed with the traditional network television. 

Check the channel’s analytics to see if there’s a day or hour that tends to have a high amount of viewership and engagement. After pointing to the best possible time to post, target to post frequently within this medium. 


You can schedule the tool that permits you with the consistent auto-pilot to post and schedule videos in advance. 

7. Develop Your channel to grab followers:

Attracting followers seems to be comfortable and straightforward by optimizing the channel. Some of the prime techniques used here are as follows:

1. Make your YouTube profile

  • Channel Description
  • Channel icon
  • Channel art
  • Include social media links to your banner ads
  1. Make a channel trailer or teaser
  2. Arrange video playlists
  3. Include translations and captions for your videos

8) Work using YouTube Advertising:

YouTube advertising is one of the efficient methods to grow up the reach across the channels. Focus on the audience for those who are interested in your videos. YouTube ads are the perfect deal for that. 

There are different types of YouTube ads they are:

The Non-skippable includes the bumper ads as the in-stream ads.

Skippable are in-stream ads

Non-video ads are banner and overlays

Video discovery ads, also known as the in-display ads.

9) Collaborating with the Influencers:

The best and effective ways for the brands to reach a more comprehensive audience range on YouTube are using influencers. 

Based on Google reports, more than 60% of the subscribers probably follow their favorite creators’ shopping advice using TV personalities. 

By making a partnership with the influencers, we can quickly build trust and reliability among the audience. Thus the brand influencers make a genuine impact. 


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