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WhatsApp Status Marketing – How To Become A Pro?

With Online WhatsApp Status, business marketing becomes easier and in this journey of one on one marketing, using WhatsApp for Promotion like a Pro could be the next big thing you bring to the table.

Believe it or not - WhatsApp Status is a Gold Mine. Every next marketing person is now using WhatsApp for Business and why not? The number of daily active users is in billions across 180 countries worldwide. 

Kick-off Alternatives With A Smile

Frankly, spending on Google Ads is not everyone can afford and it’s a big deal effort to strategize everything online which demands time and money. WhatsApp is a major savior here as it only takes a WhatsApp business account setup once & you have your specific users’ cum potential customers interested in your business. This lessens your time to set up campaigns and seek attention. 

With Online WhatsApp Status, business marketing becomes easier and in this journey of one on one marketing, using WhatsApp for Promotion like a Pro could be the next big thing you bring to the table.

The Whole Wide World Of WhatsApp Marketing 

Though we are about to dive deep into WhatsApp Marketing via Status in this read, there is more to dig into this social app. People are brilliantly utilizing Broadcast lists, Business Groups, Chat Features, and more to leverage the best use of this ‘free of cost’ mobile application. 

WhatsApp is being used efficiently by businesses with a dual purpose: for in-house and customer communication. Besides seeding advertisements all around, you can take away more from this smart app. Let’s get back on the point and have a look at the ‘Focal Point’ i.e. WhatsApp Status.

Why WhatsApp Status Can Make It A ‘Hit Story’?

Forget about business, what’s your general interaction with WhatsApp Status? When the “dot” appears in the middle tab, you get to know that someone has just posted a Status Update and you get curious to check it out. In the same way, you can make your business WhatsApp Status Marketing so thrilled that users would love to see what you have for them.

Utilizing this incredible feature of WhatsApp differently, you can serve unique content to the connections which seems less like marketing and more like ‘I should get this now’ kind of thoughts.

Let’s Understand This With An Instance Of A New Restaurant In Town.

Types of WhatsApp Status Marketing to Test your Creativity

When you think of WhatsApp for promotions, WhatsApp status never disappoints. You have a lot more to explore with it. As a restaurant owner, you want your place to be visited more and more for your signature dish and you want your lavish interiors to become a center of an attraction along. What would you do? Here you go…

You have several formats to publish in your WhatsApp status which are discussed in brief as below:

WhatsApp Status Image Marketing

People share everything from good morning to goodnight & every emotion in between using WhatsApp status. Your image should hit the target audience such that they are compelled to visit at least once. You can show them why they need to try your signature dish instead of your posts shouting out loud with promotional stuff. Make them feel like coming with friends and family could be a great time with you.

As a business owner, you should make an impact with a thoughtful WhatsApp Status Maker. Publish your latest offers, upcoming products & anything which you want your users to know with a captivating image. This can be informally considered as WhatsApp Status Image Marketing.

What’s Your Pro Take With WhatsApp Status Image?

WhatsApp Status Images can be as powerful as you want them to be. The color schemes, impacting content and amazing graphics are the basics to bring out the best of WhatsApp Marketing. Make it simple and classy by including a small amount of text and let the theme say it all. Choose colors wisely and keep the color scheme professional.

Additionally, you can make multiple images and convert them into a GIF which will be an image cum video promotion for a business. Isn’t it cool?!

WhatsApp Status Video Marketing

User Engagement is what you make efforts for and when you use WhatsApp Status Marketing with Video, you just sit back and relax by letting the video do it for you. A short story-telling Whatsapp Status Video Maker keeping the target users in mind can be very helpful. Show your customers how you greet your walk-ins, the kitchen insights, the experienced chefs by your side if you organize any weekend giveaway or if your restaurant has candle-light dinner arrangements, and much more. Your business will be the same but the way you present it all over again for the clients will represent a whole new side of yours always.

In a nutshell, show the bright side of your business which delights your connections so impressively that walk-ins increase with mouth publicity. Effortless Promotion, eh?

You get the advantage of using audio & visuals together and pass on a clear message to your users easily. Make it short & to-the-point. A random video during the rush hours at your restaurant will allow them to see that your food is so loved.

What Else Do People Usually Do With WhatsApp For Promotion?

Besides this, links are being used, which may or may not make users hit them. Some businesses wish to get reviews and ratings from their potential customers and so they may put links in the stories. The idea is undoubtedly great but the ratio of users clicking the link & performing expected actions is less. Also, stickers, color highlights, and more can be used additionally.

Above all, it is well said that Practice makes perfect and so should you try. The more you give inputs, the more you will get indulged with WhatsApp for Promotion and utilize the features to a great extent. So, are you ready to try hands-on some fresh & brewing WhatsApp Status Design? Let us take you to PhotoADKing, your own world of designing WhatsApp Status in the way you want. Regardless of you being a newbie or a pro, you’ll enjoy using the tool.

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