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Want More Followers to Your Account in 2021? Here is How

Are you looking for an incredible and effective platform for celebrity Instagram marketing? We have a perfect solution for you.


Are you looking for an incredible and effective platform for celebrity Instagram marketingWe have a perfect solution for you.

Do we even have to tell you about the snowballing popularity of this incredible platform?  “Instagram”; the name says it all. Long gone are the days when it was merely a platform for posting pictures and leveraging likes for public approval. What once was a fun app for teenagers has now become a full-blown marketing and endorsement app for businesses.

Instagram has undeniably taken the world by storm. It is gradually becoming a cornerstone of many brands’ social presence. Growing conversions, building an engaged audience and driving profitable traffic to landing pages are a couple of the benefits offered by Instagram.

If your Instagram presence is not as robust as you want it to be, maybe it is time to learn how to sharpen your strategies to gain more Instagram followers. The larger your audience grows, the more opportunities you have for engaging with users and creating unique experiences for them.

Instagram knows no bounds when it comes to evolving incessantly. Over the past few years, Instagram has managed to become the best version of it and continues to do so in 2021.

Before we delve into the strategies for enticing more followers to your account, let us revolve around the difference between fake and real followers, and how to spot the fakes.

Fake vs Real Followers

There are many people out there who try to pop-up their accounts by misrepresenting their reach.  They purchase followers and likes from black market sites to appeal to brands for affiliate marketing purposes. These fake followers are typically bots that add no value to the platform.  They can even take away from the user experience that we all love.

The real followers are most likely to bring an insightful experience for users and brand owners.  Fake followers that are bots cannot actually provide insights on what you do and offer.

Here are a few strategies and tricks that you can use to gain real Instagram followers

1.    Create and Optimize Your Profile

This is the first step to enticing more real Instagram followers. Customize your Instagram profile to tell your potential followers who you are, and give them a reason to follow you.  Begin with making sure your username is easily searchable and recognizable. Setting up your account is easy with these steps.

Step 1: Add your full business name into the “Name” field.

Step 2: Make sure your profile is public.

Step 3: Choose a profile picture that is on-brand with your other social networks.

Step 4: Fill your bio with delightful, actionable and informative details about your brand and business.

Step 5: Add a link to your bio to make it easy for people to go straight to your website, if they want to.

Step 6: Enable notifications to help your posts reach more people.

2.    Designate a Content Creator

This is one of the most effective Instagram influencer marketing strategies. Content creators play an essential role in creating an interactive account. Choose someone who has experience using a personal Instagram account. Ensure they are acquainted with all the handy features Instagram has to offer.

3. Keep a Consistent Content Leader

When you are trying to gain Instagram followers, the worst thing you can do is to post content at random, haphazard times. If you are fortunate enough to attract users in the beginning, you don’t want to lose them now. Keep to a regular posting schedule to combat this. Brands should not post more than a few times a day to avoid spam.  Whatever you do, keep it consistent.


4. Schedule Instagram Posts in Advance

Even though the Instagram algorithm has changed drastically over the past few years, posting them at the right time can still give your posts more visibility by increasing the overall engagement they receive. With the newest tools available, you can schedule your content very easily, without any hassle.

5. Try Videos, Live Videos and Stories

Instagram has grown beyond just a photo-sharing platform. With interactive and innovative features, like videos, live videos and stories, brands can now create different types of content to engage their fans and grow their following.

  • Here are a few reasons that can compel you to post these content types sooner rather than later.
  • The average engagement for videos is growing faster than the average engagement for images.
  • You are most likely to appear right at the front of the stories feed.
  •  Most reputable brands believe that stories have been a very effective part of their social strategy.

 6. Study and Use Quality Hashtags

Hashtags are nowhere as important as they are on Instagram. The right hashtags can help expose your brand and products to a broad, targeted audience. The enhanced popularity of hashtags has led to the plausibility of now following a hashtag. Many research reports show that Instagram posts with hashtags and a location tag get the highest average engagements.  Hashtags can be your best buddies for growing a fast following on Instagram. Search for relevant, high-quality hashtags for enhancing the reach of your brand or business.

  • Share User-Generated Content

Embracing and sharing user-generated content can help you attain a large percentage of growth.  To make this strategy effective in your business, take the best-of-the-best user content from around this web and feature it on your own social media, or other platforms, while giving credit to the original creator.

  • Incorporate Strategies, Like Influencer Marketing

Celebrity Instagram marketing, or influencer marketing, uses people with expertise, authority and popularity to influence their consumers to take action. Influencers have made a notable impact within the online community and network. Statistically speaking, influencer marketing content delivers 11 times higher ROI than traditional forms of digital marketing. 40% of people say they have purchased an item online after seeing it used by an influencer on Instagram, Twitter or YouTube.

Gaining Instagram followers is no longer a tough nut to crack. With these tips and strategies, you can master the art of enticing more followers to your brand.

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