Cost to Make a Food Delivery Mobile Application

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Usually, when creating a mobile application, the costs can be attributed to 3 things. UI/UX Design, Mobile Application Development, and App Deployment. When it comes to creating an application in on-demand services like food delivery, you have more options to choose from.

First of all, if you plan on building it from scratch, you will need to spend anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000 for the complete application. This is considering the fact that you’re going to hire a mobile application development company. If you plan on getting people to do it separately, like an in-house project, the costs will be much higher. Most developers charge by the hour and you’re gonna need a good 6 months to get a working product in your hands.

Even when you hire a mobile application development company, they’re gonna advise you to go with something like an ubereats clone app. These platforms basically function similarly. If you use an uber eats clone script, you’re gonna get all the features you need already built-in. All you need to do then is to customize the app according to your business. Using an uber eats clone is your best if you’re just entering into the online food delivery business. You’ll end up spending much less on developing the application and most companies give you updates to the platform as new technology gets integrated into the platform. They will also help you out with getting the app on the app stores. And for the costs, you can get an uber eats clone app for anywhere between $5000 and $8000, for the complete setup.

Cost to Make an App Like Swiggy:

Looking at your question, I believe that you are about to start a new business in the online food delivery industry. There are 2 ways you can go about this. You can either build it from scratch, or you can use an ubereats clone app. I would personally prefer an uber eats clone because you’d be saving some money and time that way. If you were to create an app from scratch by hiring a software development company, it would cost you anywhere from $10,000 to $15,000. If you hire individual developers this number could go up or down depending on the developers you hire.

But if you use an uber eats clone app, you can cut down on these costs. All you have to do is customize the script according to your business and brand. Online food ordering apps are essentially the same, but if you can add some extra features to the platform, it would help your platform stand out. Make sure that you hire a company that has some experience with this kind of thing because you would need their support for future updates and bug fixes. No app is totally bug-free the first time around and you would have to tweak it according to your customers from time to time.

Cost to Make an App Like Zomato:

If you are planning to create the app completely from scratch, then you are looking at a number between $5000 to $15000 dollars for the platform alone, given that you hire an app development company. If you are planning to hire individual developers and UI/UX designers, these numbers are likely to increase.

The best option in my opinion would be to use an uber eats clone app. These apps have the features you would need already built in and all you have to do is customize the script according to your business. These clone apps can even be customized to work with any kind of business that needs delivery. The company that you get the uber eats clone from will help you with the customization, they will probably charge you by the hour for it. Just make sure that you find a company with a good track record. You will need their help to get updates and for sorting out technical issues later on. You can find plenty of companies with a simple google search. Hope this helps.



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