CRC Joyous

CRC Joyous Housing Apartments Noida Extension

CRC Joyous a bountiful project having just 219 flats please will be having high roof and good quality walls the walls will be made of special material.

CRC Joyous a bountiful project having just 219 flats please will be having high roof and good quality walls the walls will be made of special material the special material will make sure that there is ample warmth in the winter's the winter tends to be quite Harsh in Noida and the flat here would remain very comfortable the bill the special material from Japan this kind of special material is available only in Japan the Builder is going to have three swimming pools and the third one will be on the terrace of the project this project will have a height of 255 feet and there very good Views From the top floor.

CRC Joyous will also have number of restaurants Jim and the services of the restaurant and Cafe would be free for the residents this cafe and restaurants will charge from customers who come from other projects their 24 by 7 Axis into the project the security guards will be there on the gates 24/7. 

CRC Joyous is creating new kind of wave in the city. The new projects are really world class and properties are affordable. The properties are really nice and have lot of space in them. There are many people who doubt the efficacy of the properties but it is time to understand he true potential of properties. CRC Joyous is really wonderful in every way. There are roads inside the project. There roads are very smooth. These roads have proper lighting. There are many people who are coming and checking out the project.

Bhutani Grandthum commercial Project Noida Extension

New Commercial Projects:


ithum 73 is nice and huge project which is located at the Central point of Noida this project has got access from various Modes of transport there is a metro train station which is barely 400 metres away from ithum 73. Ithum 73 can use the metro station by paying a nominal fee. There is an arrangement with the metro train system and thus the occupants of this project would be charged just a nominal fee.

Saya South X Resale Property Noida Extension

Ithum 73 will have very good paint of this project will be able to enjoy a very good lifestyle and working atmosphere there will be a menses and serious kind of workers in this project this project will have very good work force from the nearby areas in nearby areas has many housing projects which has educated and well mannered people this project is going to create fresh Bubbles in the real estate industry.

The real estate industry in Noida is poised to grow multifold in the next six months this is because of the Jewar airport and various initiatives of the government. The commercial real estate industry is growing fast in the country. The developers of commercial properties are enjoying big time these days as there is very good price increase in commercial properties.  All the companies want to come to India and do business. These developers are making very good quality commercial buildings and there are there are many MNCs which want to take such buildings. ithum 73 is one such building. The builder is giving space for ATS in ithum 73 for nominal prices. The builder is also giving shops in ithum 73 for very little price.  

Bhutani Cyberthum sector 140A Noida

 ithum 73 will have a horse riding ground. This ground will be opened just in Saturday and Sunday. This ground will be open for the occupants of the project all through the week.


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