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Custom Hot Dog Trays- Best packaging solution for Hot Dogs at BoxesMe

For hotdog holders and Hot dog trays, you should go for BoxesMe. We provide all the features at really affordable prices with free delivery services. We will feel glad to serve you. You will not be disappointed. Your satisfaction is our priority. We will wait for your response.

Custom hot dog holders


Hot dogs are the invention of a German immigrant who sold these hot dogs on the food cart in New York. And it is given name after the German dogs because of its thin size. So to keep these ancient and interesting hot dogs safe Hot Dog Holders can be used. These holders can be of any material such as cardboard kraft and corrugated material. But most of the manufacturers prefer holders of kraft or cardboard because of their lightweight and less waste rate. Other than this it is very important to keep it safe and hygienic. So the material is friendly for hot dogs. It keeps them fresh and maintains the taste of the product.  The holders along with the boxes make it easy to carry them from one place to another. And if you are using them in a restaurant then it is easy to serve to the customers with the help of these holders. This gives a professional look to your staff while serving these hot dogs. It gives a positive impression on the customers. 

Printable hot dog holder


Custom hot dog holders 4

Printing is an important thing if you want that people can know what your product is about? So for this, you can add some of the printings on the holders. With the help of printing, you can tell the customer who is making these yummy hot dogs? So you can add the company logo on the Hot dog Boxes. Similarly, you can also add some instructions or descriptions on the holders so that the customer can know what are these hot dogs made up of. And for the finishing of these holders, you can add some coatings such as matte, glossy glittery or any other that you think will be suitable for your hot dog holders. These finishing give your holders a smooth and decent look; So that these can give a good and glowing impression on the customers. And if you are using these holders on any event you can add different greetings on the boxes so that your customers feel good while having your hot dogs. Moreover, you can also add taglines and price tags on your holders so that they can be more useful for the customers.

Different types of hot dog trays


Hot dogs are famous food that has variety in its flavours or ingredients. So there should be variety in its packaging also so for this Hot dog trays are available in different types such as paper Hot Dog Trays cardboard hot dog trays as well as kraft hot dog trays. It`s your choice that which material trays do you want. Moreover, you can have these trays in different shapes such as elongated, square rectangle or circle any shape that you want. You can also add a lid on the trays to cover them from germs as well as to protect their toping. Moreover, if you are adding a lid along with the trays you can add a window die-cut on the lid so that it can be helpful for you to use it as a display box. This will help to attract your customer so that they crave to have these yummy hot dogs. There are several other different types of hot dog trays that make you different from others.

Unique custom hot dog boxes at BoxesMe


If you talk about uniqueness then the designs, as well as the colours of the boxes, make it unique. For designs, the professionals work diligently to give you perfect packaging for your hot dogs. Moreover, if we talk about the attraction then you can add colours to your packaging with the help of colour schemes. To help you out with all these features you can go for BoxesMe. We provide the best designs, colours, printings and other features for your hot dog trays and holders. To help you out our professional consultation is free. For more details as well as updates keep visiting our website. Something that you should is that we provide all your packaging at wholesale rates. You will get all the features at affordable prices as compared to our competitors

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