cz jewellery sets with price

cz jewellery sets with price

Sneharateria is specialise in customised Latest Indian Jewellery, Temple Jewellery, cz jewellery sets, Trendy Jewellery, South Indian Jewellery - Anything!

Many of you have a slightly blurred idea of what exactly we do. Many confuse our jewellery with real jewelry but in fact, it is made with pure silver and Swarovski cubic zirconia (CZ) stones. So in reality, these pieces are artificial (AD or CZ Jewellery as many like to call it) and perfect for daily or even occasional wear, but look completely real.

You can count on us to do anything and everything when it comes to CZ jewellery. Here is full information and full disclosure of what we do and the services we provide, which is almost everything.

Most importantly, we can customize anything and everything for you.

We can customize any of the jewellery pieces on our website. We can change the color of the stone, the polish and even the size of the piece. The bangles and rings are also customized to size. Also, we can change the color of the top polish of the jewellery. We can finish it with silver, 18K gold or rose gold polish. Few of the pieces look good with black oxidized polish or even blue polish. We can do that too!

 We re-polish our CZ jewellery pieces made by us for your whole life.

All our pieces are either finished with rhodium polish or 18K gold polish. This delays tarnishing for silver jewellery by 1-2 years. Even though we advise our customers to keep the jewelry pieces away from direct contact of water, cream and perfume, sometimes these pieces get tarnished by just attracting moisture from the air. In any case, we can re-polish the piece for you anytime (for a lifetime) for FREE.

We repair all our CZ jewellery.

Even though we guarantee these pieces do not break easily, we will repair the pieces for you throughout your the lifetime for free. We give lifetime guarantee of our pieces and lifetime repair service, again, for FREE.


We deliver to every corner of the country. Courier is not an issue and the pieces get delivered right on your doorsteps. The courier can be received by anybody at home and you will not have to wait for the courier guys to hand it over to you exclusively. Another advantage of making a payment online is that you will not have to wait at home with the cash ready to pay the guy. Since these pieces are already prepaid, all you have to do is receive it and open the lovely packaging.

Guaranteed top class finish

Craftsmen who have long experiences of working with the real diamond and gold jewelry make all our pieces. The finish of each and every piece replicates that of real jewelry, from top to bottom, front to back. Once you receive the finished product, you will totally see the worth of the piece and definitely not regret your purchase decision. Even the back push/screw looks like it is made of real gold. We also provide springs for some earrings that require extra support because of their weight. In some cases, when the ear holes of the customer can not take the weight of any earrings, we customize the push in such a manner that it provides even more support, that enables her to wear anything for a longer period of time, regardless of the weight of the piece. The bangles and rings are also made specific to the customers’ size so it gives an absolutely real look.

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