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Affordable Price And Reviews Of BD Air Conditioner

All of the attributes have been defined clearly, and with the support of remote control, you can easily place the work form a long distance. Air conditioner price in Bangladesh is excellent enough to keep your room fresh during the time of the hot and humid summer.

Samsung Air Conditioner According to the weather condition, usage of appliances will vary. During the time of humid and hot summer need of air conditioner dramatically increase. As a way to capture this mega marketplace, all the air conditioner manufacturing businesses look ahead to in traducing new latest technology foundation as well as user-friendly appliances within affordable prices.

Samsung has been winning the center of general people science their ancient days. Inside this summer, they have started a new split air conditioner version.


Combination of unique technology with simple design has made this merchandise as a watch monitoring air purifier version. All of the attributes have been defined clearly, and with the support of remote control, you can easily place the work form a long distance. Air conditioner price in Bangladesh is excellent enough to keep your room fresh during the time of the hot and humid summer.


You cannot utilize this merchandise in the time of winter as a room heater as well as through its version has all of the latest technology, but the price might have been reduced than mentioned.


If you are looking for a quality air conditioner with the latest technologies, then Samsung Air Conditioner is the right one for you.

Layout and Dimension

Because of the Reason for easy install in addition to simple to go from one place to another ability split air conditioner is now a popular model. Two units of the item are made from compact body material, and the measurement of indoor units (W x H x D) is 750 × 250 × 190 mm in addition to outdoor units dimensions (W x H x D) is 715 × 482 × 240 mm. According to the dimensions of indoor components, this item might easily fit in a medium-size room very comfortable. Additionally, its white color body would have increased the attractiveness of your space.

Cooling Ability

Cooling Capacity of the air purifier usually is measure by Ton or BTU as well as in SI format watts. Within this product, the rotary compressor was used, which has enormous electricity with Air Circulation CMH Max 480. All of this cooling function is good enough to keep your cool in the time of the hot and humid summer.

Smart Features

Smart Features have made Midea ac price in BD more suitable in addition to simple to use. This Samsung Air Conditioner version has the following features out there.

The screen on Front Panel: Each of the attributes is shown at the screen. It will help to control the heating characteristics as well as you can set the cooling according to your requirement.

LCD Wireless Remote Control: you cannot imagine your air conditioner without a remote controller. All of the features are defined clearly; therefore, you may control the cooling elements from the long-distance quite readily.

Removable and Washable Panel: cooling panel has to wash correctly from time to time for getting suitable cooling. In the case of this product, all of the filters and the board can be easily detachable. Therefore you can clean this item from time to time.

Sleep Operation: this option decreases the ability of cooling and becomes lethargic in the case of air throwing and all the other activates.

High Air Circulation: at the time of extra hot and humid, you can take advantage of this option. It has the power to supply the maximum quantity of fresh air that can give you instant coolness.

Programmable Timer: you can place you're required on and of time in the machine. After attaining that specific time machine will begin working or stop working.

Moisture Removal: in the time of warm summer surroundings become wet that give you tacky feeling. This product has a moisture elimination alternative that can keep the room dry for a long time as well as make comfortable weather for leaving.

Auto Restart: Because of the load shedding air conditioner setting does not change. It works as like as it had been before and operated automatically.

Electric Features

Air conditioners usually consume more energy due to have a reliable compressor in addition to other activates. Some air purifiers required with a complete electricity power distribution line; however, in the case of Whirlpool ac price in Bangladesh, it is natural to run with the standard voltage of 220 V to 230 V with all the average frequency of 50 Hz. Additionally, it absorbs 1500 watts of input power to run this item correctly. Because of this, you may stay tension free at the period of bill cover.


Air Conditioner may be detrimental for you as well as to the environment. The air conditioner does create sound, but it remains within the limitation. Its Indoor Unit Noise Level is 38 and none is 38, and outside unite noise level is 53. According to the level of sound, it's possible to state that it's a standard air conditioner.

Cost and Accessibility

We all know Samsung is a demandable brand all over the world, and after fulfilling the need of the local market, they have been exporting their version all around the world. In Bangladesh, they've been holding no one spot and every dealer as well showrooms proprietor. Thus you can easily have Samsung air conditioner price in Bangladesh at your nearest Transcom Digital home and kitchen appliances showroom inside your typical price. The price of Samsung Air Conditioner is, which an average cost is.

In final, as stated by me, it is but one of the user-friendly attractive models of the air conditioner of Samsung. As reported by the features and the weather condition of Asia, inverter ac is excellent enough to keep 150 SFT fresh in the time of hot and humid summer.

Now it is your responsibility to justify all over mentioning data regarding this product and make the right decision.

Bring this Attractive Samsung Air Conditioner this summer and revel in the cool and relaxation at your place. Be joyful and enjoy the boon of contemporary science and engineering.

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