Decorate the House with Cowhide Rugs

However, in the case of cowhide rugs, animal skins are used that do not have to be sacrificed to obtain their skin, but the skin is used as another element of these animals that also offer other things...

The cowhide rugs not only seem to be one of the most potent elements, decoratively speaking, with which we can animate an environment today, but I think they are full of advantages. Not only do they provide warmth and comfort, something especially valued now in winter, but they are elegant and sophisticated, capable of putting a different note in the living room.

As a starting point, I would like to say that I am against everything that causes harm to animals. However, in the case of cowhide rugs, animal skins are used that do not have to be sacrificed to obtain their skin, but the skin is used as another element of these animals that also offer other things...

In any case, besides the natural ones, there are synthetic cowhide rugs, although I believe that they do not have that touch and beauty of the authentic skin


Why choose cowhide rugs for your home?

There are many reasons to choose a cowhide rug for any environment because it is an element that enriches the decoration by itself. No matter where you put it, one of these rugs animates an unattractive room and transforms the space as if by magic.

One of its greatest qualities is the versatility: it is that cowhide rugs are good where you put them, either in the living room or in the bedroom or simply in the middle of a hallway.

And not only that, but they are also very versatile when it comes to adapting to different decorative styles. That is, we may be accustomed to seeing them wearing soils of a mountain retreat in rustic style. However, they also look great in a contemporary room where they become a very elegant piece. Or in a warm bedroom decorated in soft tones with modern furniture.

A decorative style to which this kind of carpets and other furs are great is in the Nordic style for obvious reasons. And it is that when it's warm, it's warm and we can not underestimate the strength and heat transmitted by the skins. In addition, the feet of the sofa or bed become a very glamorous element to consider.


Each carpet is unique

One of the things that I like about cowhide rugs when they are natural is that you do not find two equal models. And also the number of colors and different tonalities that we can find, as many as breeds of cows exist.

You can choose a carpet in golden tones, with black and white spots, or darker brown. Of course, think about it before deciding because, if it's quality, you'll have a rug for a while. Choose one that you really like, because you'll get bored of seeing it, especially if you take care of it properly.


How to keep your cowhide rugs perfect

The cowhide rugs are very resistant and durable elements that, in principle, do not require too complicated care. Of course, you have to take certain precautions, especially when it comes to cleaning them.

To begin with, it is not advisable to use the vacuum cleaner excessively and, if it is not too dirty, you can always remove the dust with a soft brush or by shaking the carpet (this last one if it is not large, although they are not usually too large pieces).

Then you must be clear about the treatment against stains, to be able to act correctly when they occur.

If you accidentally spill a liquid other than water on the carpet, you should never rub. Better try to absorb the stain with kitchen paper and then wipe it with a cloth moistened with a mild cleanser, trying not to spread the stain. Then it is advisable to dry the carpet in a place with good ventilation and out of direct sunlight.

Beyond these recommendations, cowhide rugs are practical and support the daily trot well, although some precautions have to be taken. For example, they are beautiful wherever you want to show them off, but do not put one of these rugs in the dining room, because you will have a high probability of ending up with a stain that is difficult to eliminate.

And you? Where would you like to put a cowhide rug in your house?



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