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Tips To Decorate Your Fireplace To Make It Your Focal Point

A gas fireplace insert in Denver doesn’t just heat the room. It also adds to its aesthetics. You can make your fireplace your living room’s highlight by decorating it with tips here.

A gas fireplace insert in Denver doesn’t just heat a room, it also adds to its visual appeal. Watching the flames dance for can be a therapeutic experience. The fireplace can be visually appealing even when the fire is out. You have many options like playing around with the mantel and the surround. Here are some ways in which you can turn the fireplace into your room’s focal point:

Create Layers On Mantel

The mantel is the most decorable part of any fireplace. Interior designers usually decorate it in 2 or 3 layers. The first layer is the anchor, a large object that acts as the mantel’s centerpiece. It should ideally be the tallest piece on the mantel, filling a large portion on the wall above the mantel in proportion with the firebox.


The second layer is called weight. You need to add two objects on the sides of the anchor to give the design some width and weight. The objects don’t have to be identical as long as they carry the same importance. They should be smaller than the anchor. It’s why you should buy a sturdy mantel from the fireplace warehouse in Cherry Creek.


The third layer is called the filler and is optional. You can add small objects below the anchor. They should be proportionally smaller than the weight but not equal to each other. This creates uneven lines and ensures that the focus remains on the mantel.


Mount Painting Above Fireplace

A good painting can act as an anchor for your gas fireplace insert in Denver. Try to match the painting style with the type of fireplace you’ve installed. A classic painting might work well with a classic design while an abstract one might work with a modern design. Matching the painting’s color scheme with that of the design can also help.


Try Maximalism

The concept of minimalism is widely embraced but requires you to make the most of the least, which requires strategy. It’s why maximalism has emerged as a reaction to the concept. According to it, more is more. It involves adding as many elements to the design as possible without making it feel cluttered. The use of bold, contrasting colors and many items are its common features.

Keep It Minimalistic

If you hate clutter more than anything, then maximalism might not be for you. The less is more style is the best option for you. No element must exist without purpose. Every element that you buy from a fireplace warehouse in Cherry Creek must have an aesthetic or functional purpose.


Place Vase As Weight

Flower vases make for good weights to balance the anchor. The vase and the plant inside should be smaller than the anchor to not overwhelm it.


Paint The Surround

If your fireplace surround has some interesting features, then painting it can help you highlight these features. The color you choose could contrast the wall where you install the gas fireplace insert in Denver.


Use Fireplace For Display/Storage During Summer

The fireplace seems empty without a fire burning in it during summers. You can use the empty area to display collectibles or store books and add to its appeal. You can also place some white birch logs.


Mount TV

Many homeowners have taken to mounting their TV above the fireplace. It gives them something to watch while the fireplace keeps them warm.


Place Mirror

Mirrors reflect the light in the room, making it brighter. You can use a large mirror as an anchor or small mirrors for filler. 


Add Some Greenery

The mantel is a good spot to add some plants. You can add garlands on the wall. But be careful not to place plants close to the fire, especially if the firebox is open.


Decorate The Hearth

You can place a few items on the hearth to decorate it. Make sure that whatever you place is resistant to heat and fire. Place them on either side of the firebox to get the full view of the fire.


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