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Decoration and Color Theme Options for Rental Tables and Chairs

When we hear the word "celebration", we see vibrant colors and aesthetic decorations. Celebrations are about gathering all your loved ones and proposing a heartfelt toast to the event's celebrity.

Speaking from an event organizer perspective, a celebration's final results/ feedback increase a 50% positive with the right kind of decorative. If people are coming out of their houses to celebrate your happiness, the environment should be aesthetically pleasing and motivating blooming with colors and different kinds of decorations. The first step in organizing an aesthetic event is the right color theme.

Color Themes and Decorations Suitable For Tables and Chairs for Different Occasions:

You can spark up the whole event with the right color combination and just simple arrangements. Below we have shared some tips for a mesmerizing yet minimalistic look. The tips are straightforward to achieve with necessary supplies. You can achieve a great look by arranging yourself, or you can request your rental table and chairs dealer as well.

Baby Announcement Events:

Two of the most popular baby announcement events include baby showers and baby gender reveal parties. Baby showers are often celebrated in the first trimester of the expectant mother, and the gender reveals celebration is arranged later in the pregnancy. Baby announcement events are personal, and only a few close ones are invited.

Are you stuck between fancy and elegant decorations? We recommend staying moderate between fancy and elegant themes.

The color combination of maroon and peach is one of our favorites. The color combination promotes elegance and tranquility in the environment, perfect for the baby shower. An all motherly and fun color combination includes light pink, hot pink, and maroon.

For a successful gender reveal party, it is important to keep the primary theme color neutral to avoid giving any hint away. For gender reveal parties, there are three color combinations you can use for the tables and chairs.

The first funky combination is half area decorated with dark blue, and the other half is covered with bright pink. It's simple, achievable, and exciting. The second color combination you can use is navy and teal, which settle a soothing or striking vibe for the event.

The third color combination is best if you have arranged a series of fun activities and games. This combination includes decorating with orange and black colors. The combination is unique and settles a vibe of a lively environment.

Life Mile-Stone Celebration:

A couple of events come under the category of life milestone celebration, including graduation, promotions, housewarming celebration, business start-ups, and other milestones you would like to celebrate. Depending on the nature of the occasion, you decorate your sitting areas with several color combinations. The first few options include navy and teal (soothing/ striking vibe), black and orange (lively), maroon and peace (elegant and tranquil).


Wedding Ceremony/ Anniversary Events:

Marriage ceremony events include a couple of celebrations including engagement (announcement), reception, bridal shower, a small gathering wedding, and anniversary. Most couples prefer an elegant vibe in the environment using pastel or light colors for marriage ceremonies only. If you want a colorful and sleek decoration to choose color combinations such as navy and teal, maroon, and peach.

We also have color combinations of darker shades such as deep purple and blue, beige, brown/ dark brown. These color combinations give absolute serene wedding vibes and a warm vibe paired with any floral decoration.

Birthday Parties:

Considering age is an essential factor in deciding the color theme for birthday parties. Too bright or light can change the party vibe. Till pre-teen's birthday choosing bright color combinations is a right choice such as blue, yellow and red combination, dark blue and turquoise combination and hot pink shades. For a teenager, birthday choose a more radiant and elegant color combination including deep purple and blue, a striking combination of blue and green (a bit hard to pull off) dark blue, turquoise and beige.

Additional tip: teens and older individuals often like the color combination more than goes with their personality.

Get To-Gathers:

Get to gathers usually includes BBQ parties and family/ friends reunions. Some of the neutral color combinations for these gatherings include the ravishing navy and orange, navy and teal, and deep purple and blue. These color combinations create a vibe of youthful joy and a serene environment simultaneously.

Decoration Options for Rental Tables and Chairs:

The majority of the rental companies offer several props options from their catalogue or are happy to arrange for you some of these. Below are few basic options you can easily find in the catalogue of party rentals or shops.

Fancy Candle Jars and Holders:

Marriage ceremonies and late-night get to gathers are the perfect events to place small candle jars or holders. You can find a good variety at the rentals or a dollar shop, including small candle pots and holders.

Character Figures:

Kids love character figures, especially on birthdays, or any fanfic fan as well as their celebratory days. Getting customized character figures can be expensive; however, party rental often have a few choices to offer. You can place these characters as the side/centerpiece. Or choose the mini figures for each table as a decoration.




Except for birthdays till the age of teens, flowers are a mandatory part of decoration for all the events. A floral arrangement can be paired up with elegant or radiant colors, and it will still flourish. Although the preferable option is real flowers, you can also do a table or entrance arrangement with artificial flowers. Make sure to add some glossy shine to the artificial flowers.

Scent Diffuser:

A pleasing odor is an impeccable touch to any event, especially wedding celebrations. Scent diffusers are not as standard in events, but you can place the light diffuser at the entrance or near the tables. You can find scent diffusers as decoration pieces as well. Preferably choose the small sizes of diffusers to avoid overwhelming the guest from the scent.

Refreshment Basket:

You can add refreshment small baskets or trays on each table for a classy touch. Fill these with soft candies or dry fruits for the guest. Refreshments baskets are a good option for getting to gather, wedding, and milestone celebration events.

The trick of all every aspect decoration complimenting each other is arrangements and finishing. You can incorporate the mentioned above color combinations in curtains at the entry, cloth ribbons on the chair, table covers, and even table napkins carefully folded in elegance.

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