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Deliveryhero Clone Best selling Application in the Market

Our DeliveryHero clone come with greater customization and scalability to suit any type of food delivery business requirements. It can also be white-labelled.

If you are a new business owner in the food industry and looking for the best delivery mobile application, then look no more. The DeliveryHero clone is the best source code available in the market now that can be developed into a functional and practical food delivery app.

Uberdoo is one of the best mobile app and web development company, that provides the finest user experience comparatively. Uberdoo uses the DeliveryHero clone script to develop the food delivery mobile applications that are easier for business owners and customers to use.

In Uberdoo, the mobile application development process is very customer-centric and functional oriented, the requirements and concerns raised by the customers are addressed and taken into consideration while developing the mobile application for the food delivery app.

The DeliveryHero clone is customized according to the needs of the buyer and features can be added based on the business requirements. The best part about Uber clone script is that it can be developed for both IOS and Andriod. The food delivery app developed by using Uber clone script has the following features.

Simple and Hassle-free

The food delivery mobile application that has been developed should be smooth to navigate to use both on the admin side and the customer’s side. The customer can place the order quickly, and then the restaurant can accept or reject their order, after that the customer can view and track the order by the comfort of their fingertips, and they can rate the experience of the delivery and food.

Personalize Your Order

One of the vital things that should be included in a food delivery app is customization and personalization of the food, any changes in the food preparation or removal of ingredients can be mentioned, and the order will be personalized for customer needs.

Offers and Discounts

This feature will attract users to download the app and use the app more often. The business owner can create discounts, offer deals, promo code, and premium membership offer code, and so on.

Alerts and Notifications

The push notifications and alerts will ensure the users to know about the favourite restaurants and their deals that they had to offer. This will allow users not to miss the chance to order their preferred food.

Multiple Addresses

Customers can turn on location in the settings, and the app will instantly pinpoint on your current location or can manually enter the address of your location. There is also an option to register multiple addresses like home, office, and so on.

Delivery Instruction

Users can give special instructions to the restaurants or the delivery person. If there are any cooking ingredients to be avoided or food packing instructions, the customer can mention any of their concerns or preferences. When Google cannot recognize the exact location of the delivery, the users can give special delivery instructions to the driver as well.

Eatoo is an DeliveryHero clone app developed by Uberdoo and meets all the features mentioned above and further can be customized based on customer needs. Visit Uberdoo website to get more insights on the applications and end products.



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