Development Towards Space Force? Are We Expecting War in Space?

Since technology is being improved in this era, there are some advancements made in space technology that can be risky toward life at earth and a new war can be expected due to this.

A military branch that conducts space warfare is known as space force. The Russian space force is known as Russian Aerospace Forces and US space force is known as the US Strategic Command. There are lots of roles and missions of these space forces like these space forces can lead the military services, these space forces are responsible for the space doctrine and these space forces are acting just like an organization. Mostly these space forces are developed to protect the interests of a country in the space. Due to lots of developments in the space force, we are expecting the war in the space. The main developments in the space force are given below;

The USA is working very fast in developing the space force. For this reason, the president of USA Donald Trump has signed the SPD-3. The main aim of signing this treaty is to create an independent military branch. This independent military branch has enough force to complete different missions and operations rapidly. In a similar way, other countries are also preparing these kinds of plans. If there occur conflicts between the two countries, we will expect a war between these two countries in space rather than on the earth. The space force will also be considered as a branch of the air force and the space force can also provide assistance to the army during the war. Anyhow, most of the countries are providing reasons that they are creating space forces to meet the challenges of the environment of the space.


Historical Precedents:

The USA and the other Soviet Union countries started their efforts to create the space force after the Cold War. Along with creating the space force, they have also started some space exploration programs. Its reason was that due to the disadvantages of creating the space force, they can compensate their programs by telling the advantages of space exploration programs. As a result, they have developed some short-range as well as some long-range ballistic missiles. They have also launched some vehicles in the space. In order to strengthen their mission of creating the space force, they have also connected the space exploration programs with the military applications. If we talk about the USA, we come to know that they have officially formed the space force in 1985. After the 9/11 attacks, they have strengthened their space force and nowadays, their space force is well equipped. It means that this space force has enough abilities to defend any attack of the enemy in the space.


Outer Space Treaty:

Due to the creation of the space force, some complications were created. In order to resolve these complications, an outer space treaty was signed. The basis of this treaty was on outer space law. According to this treaty, the state was limited to do some legal activities in the outer space. According to this treaty, the doors for the exploration of the space were opened for all the people. The main aim of space exploration is to provide benefit to humanity. On the other hand, if the space exploration programs of a country are becoming a cause of some hardships, these programs should be limited. The space force of a country is not allowed to perform their legal or illegal activities in the space of the other country. According to a dissertation writing service, initially, only three countries have signed the treaty but till 2019, 109 countries have signed this treaty. After signing this treaty, the country has to fulfil the ratification process. Besides these 109 countries, 23 more countries have also signed this treaty but these countries have not completed the ratification process.


ASAT Systems:

After the development of nuclear weapons and after fighting the Cold War, the USA and the Soviet Union started to work on the satellites. Their aim was to prepare such satellites that can provide enough information from all the edges of the world. According to the outer space treaty, they were not able to install satellite-based weapons in these satellites. Therefore, they decided to limit these satellites to conventional weapons rather than satellite-based weapons. After that, they started to work on the preparation of the military based satellites. The Soviet Union was able to create a military-based satellite named ‘Kosmos’. The soviet union worked on their mission secretly and at last, they were able to develop the ASAT technology. The Soviets also worked on the arming military space stations. For this reason, they were able to create Rikhter R-23 autocannon. This gun has the highest rate of the fire because, with the help of this gun, we are able to fire 23mm slugs at the rate of 2,600 rounds per minute.


Anti-satellite Missiles:

After the inauguration of the ASAT technology, the USA and other countries started to work on such technology that was able to destroy the satellites of the enemies. At last, they were able to launch the ALBM system. The main aim of this system was to destroy the satellite of the enemy. For this reason, USAF has conducted 12 launches and these 12 launches were able to get the limited range to successes. After that, they have upgraded their system with the development of the Altair rocket. This rocket was able to hit its target at the very long range. Some spy satellites are also developed. These spy satellites are able to get an idea about the military observations of a country. For this reason, the USA has launched its system under the name of Weapon System 117L.



A branch of the military that conducts warfare in the space is known as space force. Almost all the countries are working on strengthening their space forces in order to secure all the edges of their countries. For this reason, we are seeing lots of developments in the space force. For example, some satellites are developed that can get information from all the edges of countries and these satellites can also attack their desired destinations. In order to prevent these attacks of the satellites, the countries have also devised anti-satellite missiles. Due to these kinds of developments in the space force, we are expecting war in the space.

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