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DevOps is a term for a group of concepts that, have catalyzed into a movement and are rapidly spreading throughout the technical community. I propose this definition as a term that emerged from the collision of two major related trends. The first was also called “agile infrastructure” or “agile operations”, it sprang from applying Agile and lean approaches to operations work. The second is a much-expanded understanding of the value of collaboration between development and operations staff throughout all stages of the development lifecycle when creating and operating a service.

What is the Future of DevOps?

DevOps is made up of two terms Dev and Ops. The first trump Dev means Development and Ops means operations. So basically, it is used to describe the working behind operation and development engineers who work together. That includes a design to development. 

What is DevOps?

When you combine Development and Operations it becomes DevOps, so it is a combination of software development and operations in information technology that makes it businesses much easier to deliver applications at a very fast rate. Basically, DevOps brings development and operations teams together so that there are very few complexities in software development.

What does it mean when someone asks what is the future of DevOps?

So, what really means when someone thinks about the future of DevOps. It has become a new standard in the product development field, especially in cloud computing. Cloud computing has made things easy between development and deployment. And here comes DevOps which is the superset of all these things. Be it Git, puppet, etc. 

Importance of DevOps in the Cyber Security 

When it comes to security it becomes more peculiar the reason behind it is the more you use automation, the chances of arising automating problems becomes high. 

So, the automation which is being done in cybersecurity becomes intrinsically controlled, and here evolves the huge scope for DevOps.

Talking about the implementation of DevOps, it must ensure the security factor of the product that is being developed or in production and be it in the testing phase. DevOps gives you assurance for the security protocols that ensure your application’s integrity.

DevOps for AI/ML

The software development life cycle mainly revolves around DevOps ideology, be it the native-cloud approach or microservices architecture. What DevOps does is integrates the software testing and the production environment, and the engineers or developers can easily see the problems before the applications go to the live server.

When you use DevOps in the context of AI/ML it can help you run and build the automation in a much better and easier way with great control over it. In the context of AI/ML people are using Data post and AIOps, the sub-field of DevOps which is specially made keeping in mind the things artificial intelligence and machine learning needs.

Importance of Automation for Companies

When everything is happening over the internet in current time. Almost every large company which used to provide some particular services is now changing it and trying to provide a large number of services. For example, initially, used to provide only travel-related services. But now it has increased its functions which has made it an IT company that provides most of the travel services.

So this is true for almost every company, that their software is a very critical element that brings their sales and increases their business. Hence automation plays a great role in software deployment.

Need of Platform as a Service (PaaS)

When you talk about cloud technologies, then you will find that Platform as a service (PaaS) is one of the growing fields with a lot of great options of applications for DevOps. These days are very much different than past times when people used to worry as they have to build an entire infrastructure for their application development. So, what PaaS has done is it gives you the whole infrastructure and you just need to build your application.

There are many applications of DevOps that you can find which are being provided as PaaS solutions be it in the terms of configuration management, regular security check-up, and containerization. No one knows the future but it may be possible that in the future developers might just need to define a couple of variables and some entry points for their application, and this alone can be hosted and deployed on the cloud using PaaS.

DevOps Engineer Salary:

Everyone wants a handsome salary so if you want to become a DevOps Engineer then you can expect a great salary as compared to a normal Software engineer. DevOps is one of the most highly paid job roles in the world right now. Although salary depends on multiple factors such as the company you are working for, the skill that you have, geographical location.


So, by reading the things you can easily imagine that the future of DevOps is very bright, and there are many more companies that are going to accept the ideology of DevOps. As we have discussed in brief the main idea around DevOps and its future scope and the way it is going to revolutionize the IT industryDevOps Certification Training helps you to upskill yourself and land your dream job




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