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DEWA Approvals in Dubai

Dubai Electricity and Water Authority


DEWA is the exclusive provider of electricity, sewerage, and water in Dubai. Its objective is to provide worldwide client services. Dubai Electricity and water authority (DEWA) approvals must be taken in Dubai which permits us to get basic services and with the assistance of DEWA approved contractors. DEWA will provide residential water and electricity according to the needs.



  1. Getting electricity Fit-out connections

This is a cost-free service that enables customers to acquire a fit out power connection for the shops and offices. The DEWA approved contractors can submit for technical field inspection when the technical drawings are approved by DEWA. Once subjected to inspection approval and securing the payment of the security deposit, DEWA will order for the installation of the KWh meter and release of the power connection. And further updates will be notified through the websites.

DEWA approved consultants and DEWA approved engineers can offer the right advice for all of your electrical needs considering the premises.

Processes for getting an Electricity Fit-out connection from DEWA are:

  • The Design approval process takes at least one or two working days.
  • The LV inspection process in which an appointment will be given within one or two working days will be notified by the contractor.


  1. Required Documents


  • Copy of DEWA approved TCL/MD, MDBs/SMDBS
  • Wiring layouts – lighting
  • Load distribution schedules of distribution boards
  • Wiring Layout – Power
  • Landlord NOC certificate (No objection certificate) in DEWA Prescribed format
  • Tenancy contract
  • Trade License
  • Passport copy



  1. Electricity or water Network Modification


DEWA Approved Contractors or Consultants can submit an online application through the website to obtain the service of DEWA in Electricity and water network modification service. The application for the service is free of cost, but the service is chargeable. A notification will be sent through SMS/email when the estimate is set.


  1. Required documents for Electricity or water network modification:


  • Latest affection plan issued from Dubai municipality or the concerned authority.
  • Approved load scheduled that indicates total connected load or maximum demand.
  • Owners passport copy or the Emirates ID Copy.
  • Latest consumption bill issued by the Dubai electricity and water authority (DEWA).
  • No Demand certificate from Dubai electricity and water authority Billing Department.
  • Setting a plan that indicates existing connections and proposed changes.


  1. New Electricity or water connection


The rate or connection charges need to be settled first before the implementation of the DEWA services. A suitable tracking of the status of the application, upload additional documents, project status notification for the technical inspection etc. are possible through the E-service portal.


DEWA Approved Electrical installations


DEWA approved cable laying contractor provides installation of new cables and DEWA approved contractors and technicians are capable in all kinds of electrical works including troubleshooting, installing, and modification of any type of electrical circuits.


DEWA approved engineers offers various types of installation services such as:

  • Electrical Constructions
  • Design/Build installations
  • Fire Alarms
  • Voice/Data/Fiber optics systems
  • Installing new wires, Receptacles, or fixtures
  • New breakers installations
  • Lighting systems
  • Intercom systems
  • Motor Pumps
  • Window AC’s & Split AC’s
  • Inverters 
  • Security Systems
  • PowerPoints
  • Solar Panels
  • Computer Networking cables
  • Meter Box

 DEWA approved electrical contractors gives a wide range of electrical upgrades in Dubai. Some of them are mentioned below:

  • Upgrading power supply for industrial purposes with sanctions and DEWA approvals.
  • Extending property and upgrading power to run the supplementary electrical equipment.
  • Upgrading high power equipment such as ground and air source heat pumps, microgeneration, large motors, solar, etc.
  • Upgrades of overloaded and old outlets appliances for electrical improvements.
  • Upgrades of electrical fuse, meter box, meter boards, etc.
  • Upgrade of electrical panels as recommended by the DEWA Consultant and contractor for the premises.



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