Different types of Corruption

Different Types of Corruption - Narender Sharma

There are many types of corruption. There is no such area in today's time in which there is no corruption. Let's talk about all these in detail.

Various types of corruption in simple Language :

There are many types of corruption. There is no such area in today's time in which there is no corruption. Let's talk about all these in detail.

  • Corruption in business : -  Business is small or big, there is corruption in it. There is also a lot of tincture in the products by small shops and the big companies, things are also mixed in, which is a huge problem in today's day. As well as rice, sugar, and sweets and many things to eat, the news of adulteration is being received daily. And to avoid all these, they feed the employees of this department, which is being promoted to types of corruption.
  • Corruption in the court : -  It is believed that if a person goes to court to take a case once, then he will be able to revolve around his life. This is a very old belief. Because the lawyers ask for a date on their behalf and the common man is feathered in it. Many times, when money is being given, wrong or wrongful decisions are taken by the judges, which is a huge form of types of corruption.
  • Corruption in the media :- The main media of communication is newspaper, TV news in which we can get every single bad or bad suggestion. But people have not even left it. People have given money to the TV people, news channel and have operated according to them. Those who have paid more money listen to the news of their support and favor with the media. This is also a form of types of corruption.
  • Corruption by doctors :-  Doctors also ask patients to check for their benefit or test, medicines without any need. Because they get their commission in them, but for the common man, this extra waste is incurred. In this, poor people cheat very badly, sometimes they sell everything for their treatment. This is also types of corruption.
  • Corruption by the teachers :- Corruption is not behind in the case of education. By taking money, teachers passing the children in the examination, giving the examination question papers to the fore and giving permission to imitate the children in the examination is all types of corruption.
  • Corruption in Government Sector :- People adopt the path of corruption to get their work expeditious. Today people think that no work is given without bribe, so they have made their work by paying their money. If people do not pay money to that government employee, either he not do the work of common man or delay the work. Common men are in a big trouble due to that types of corruption.

We think that it is corruption only to give a bribe to someone, but it is not so. There are many colors in it. Even if the purpose of doing any work is wrong then it will also be called corruption. Prejudice, dynasty, blackmailing someone, misinformation about something, black marketing, fraudulent litigation, tax evasion, bribe, booth boots etc.

Reasons of Corruption :-

  • The nature of selfishness :-  One of the main reasons for corruption is the tendency of selfishness in the mind of the people, whether it is a person or a society or community, the sense of selfishness in people gives rise to inequality. This inequality encourages economic, social and conflict differences. If a person who has a high position, gives priority to people of his own society, family or community, ignoring quality and this is only a form of corruption.
  • The feeling of dissatisfaction :- Whatever the wealth for the person, but there is always the greed for getting more. And because of this greed, he does wrong work which promotes types of corruption.

Apart from all this, there are many more reasons for corruption such as nepotism, ethnicity, communalism, languageism, and others poorness and richness etc.

Corruption Effect and Corruption Problems :-

The effect of corruption is not only on one man but on the entire country. Today corruption in India has increased so much that in this case India is at the 79th position of the world. It has a very adverse effect in the economic, social and cultural condition of the country.

  • Contrary to economic development :-  The money of the country goes into wrong hands rather than in its progress. A lot of money has been deposited by the various politicians in the Swiss bank, which is known as black money. This amount is so much that if it had been imposed in the advancement of the country, then where would India have reached? Despite all the capabilities in the country, India is not able to become a great power due to corruption.
  • Inequality arises :- Because of corruption, expressions of inequality begin in the rich and the poor people. The difference in their thinking increases, in which the unpleasantness are created in the society. Poor people are also afraid to talk to rich people. Their energy is mixed with the rich, instead of trying to build the country, he is opposed. A sense of humor arises among people.

Hope you got the point regarding the various types of corruption and what are the reasons for corruption. further I will share information about how to Stop the corruption and famous scams of Corruption.




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