Digital marketing is a boon to businessmen

Digital marketing includes marketing of products and services with the help of digital technologies, mostly through the internet or through mobile phones and other digital or online medium

Digital marketing includes marketing of products and services with the help of digital technologies, mostly through the internet or through mobile phones and other digital or online medium. The digital era has changed the use of digital marketing. It not only allows the marketing of brands but also allows all day and night (24/7) services to provide customer satisfaction and make them feel valued throughout. Thus, businessmen have advantages through digital marketing. Since digital marketing has gained a lot of importance throughout the past five to ten years, a career in digital marketing would be a great job to do. It will teach us the functioning of business just by looking at a website and will help us earn a living too. 

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Digital marketing has become a trend to market

Digital marketing has made people’s lives easier since it provides all the information, a consumer needs through just one click. Consumers can also discuss if they have any queries and post their feedback on the websites or applications. It has become common for business organizations to use social media channels so that it helps them have direct contact with their customers. Word of mouth between any age groups is a powerful tool and when people start sharing their experiences of a brand or product, it is liable that the other person will try it. Therefore social media is a mode to post and share one’s experience. 

It is an advantage for companies to use social media channels to connect with the consumers and have discussions. The reach of social media can be seen with an example of Facebook app, that each month it had more than 126 million average users and 97 million average users of YouTube in the year 2015. Digital marketing has a few threats too. Businessmen should be aware of it and try to avoid them at max. 

Four Dangerous Traps Online Marketers Must Avoid

Career in Digital Marketing will make you think about the ways to get more customers and how to build your own market. On the go, a marketer might think of traps that should be avoided.

  • Don’t get deceived by CTR- The most frequently used indicators for evaluating the effect of online advertisement is through CTR (Click through rate). It defines the ratio between the number of clicks on the advertisement and the number of views. A page or website must be creative and attractive. Only then a customer will click on it. If it is not consistent and the user is flooded with extra information and the page is not being presented with the main concept or idea shown in the ad then the customer will never feel like viewing it. This might lead to the website being abandoned and the campaign will never be satisfactory.
    It is very important to concentrate on the design of the ad and the promise made at the beginning to attract the customer. 

  • Do not get diverted from the details, focus on the real effects- While reading the results of online campaigns, we usually focus on the small parts of the data or conclude directly from the ad campaign, while the real image can be a lot more. 

  • Don’t get flattened by the fee- The FF billing might also be known as the permanent presence. It means that we are paying the publisher a rate which is fixed for the advertisement on the website.
    Example: We order a month of an advertisement on the homepage of a particular website. 

  • Look out for a lot of confusing data might occur- The amount of data within the buying is very large that it has become a task to choose the data what is important and valuable. 


Thus, it is very important for sellers to post information which is true and not to deceive customers. At the same time, they have to be creative and attract customers. On the other hand, customers should not believe everything that crosses their first sight. They have to research and analyze properly and then conclude. 

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