Digital Payment: Rural Vs. Urban areas

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“Keep it simple” philosophy is widely accepted and appreciated. That’s why usage of cash is still prevalent in our society as it makes the transaction process too simple. We just need to hand over the amount after the completion of the desired task and leave from the place. No need to take tension of the payment being failed or successful. But, it is evident from the discernible transformation around that Digitization has started manifesting itself in every possible sector and trying to inscribe the concept of cashless economy to the maximum possible extent.

But, in spite of the great endeavor, cashless economy is not able to take every area in its grasp. Let’s take a dive into the facts and figures. According to an analytical report “Digital payment: Surprising trends emerge from rural India” published in the website of Financial Express, while 44% of urban customers have taken up digital payment channels, rural customers are a distant second, at only 16%. But, it is still believed that the growth in digital payments is likely to continue to go upward driven by the increase in the smartphones and data usage and the unprecedented contribution of the innovative fintech ecosystem.

Now, let’s have a brief discussion about kiosk. This small, free-standing physical structure basically displays information as well as provide services. They are easily accessible due to which people find it convenient to visit it to gain some specific information or to make some payments. This easily portable device facilitates customers with cash as well as card acceptors. Therefore, taking the preference of most of the people to do cash transaction into account, kiosk can be the most pertinent medium for both the rural and urban area people to accomplish their tasks which encompass utility bill payments, shopping, gathering information and so on.

Electricity bill payment kiosk offers to make the hassle-free bill payment for electricity through both cash and cards. People can choose the medium they are comfortable with. This kiosk gives the customers freedom from the painful job of waiting in a long not-moving queue and saves a lot of time, energy and money as well as it provides service round the clock making itself accessible anytime.

Through postpaid mobile bill payment kiosk, people can clear their postpaid mobile bills effortlessly. They can pay it via cards as well as cash. The bill confirmation message will be generated on immediate basis through SMS, notification and email receipt. The kiosk also provides a receipt of the bill payment confirmation.

The kiosk machine renders service for all the major utility bill payments. The customers can also make Water bill payment anytime they want without getting tensed about visiting the respective office before it gets closed. Just reach the machine and make the payment.

DTH recharge is also possible through kiosk. If you are not feeling at home to use an online bill payment app or any online bill payment website, then visit the nearest kiosk and do the recharge. If you are a customer of Airtel, then do effortless Airtel DTH recharge through the kiosk.

XIPHIAS Software Technologies Pvt. Ltd. is dedicated to provide integrated service of bill payment kiosk in India as well as outside the same by deploying the tools of Information and Communication Technology (ICT) in order to provide enhanced speed, convenience, certainty and accountability in providing One Stop Shop facilityCertainly, it provides freedom from long queues, ensures high security for collecting cash, fast billing services, facilitates multiple modes of payments.

Kiosk has the ability to serve both the rural and urban area people as it accepts multiple modes of payments including cash. It is believed that kiosk will be able to gradually shift people’s interest from cash to digital payment methods as it provides easy usage of the latter as well.

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