Disability Doesn’t Stop You by Traveling

There are many things I have learned, and I would like to speak to people about my words. The problem today is how disabled people move and the ways to discuss the issues with several other community members.

Fed up with the daily routine work? It happens. Everybody needs a break and want to get escape in the best travel destinations in the world. I have been traveling to exciting holiday destinations in the world for many years.  Along with exploring the beauties, experiencing adventures, and cultures, I have observed a lot of other traveling aspects too. For example, how do women travel in travel destinations? How they been treated there, How teenagers, and aged people, especially the disabled community travel around the world and get exposure to the unknown world. As I’m just back from my Easter holidays to Morocco, I have observed a lot of things there and on which I would like to communicate my expressions with people. Today’s issue is how people with disabilities I have seen traveling around and the tips to share with the other members of the community with identical issues.

Tips to travel to the Holiday destinations with the disability

So Mr./ Miss Special, you are ready to grab your tickets to have an opportunity touching the sky, having your wonderful holidays on beaches, different cultures and festivals. Do you know what you need to consider before leaving home? Let’s roam around and discuss this!


Your passport, tickets, other services are confirmed?

Your airline tickets are confirmed? It is important to share about your disability to the relevant airline so they can manage to facilitate you with every possible service. It’s not new, they are bound to consider you and tell you about every facility they will provide you during your travel experience with them. The things to ask are, is your ticket confirmed? Where the seat locates? Is washroom in the plane near to your seat? The washroom is well equipped with the facilities needed to the people need special care?


Your Travel agency takes your full responsibility?

I mean to say this, is that the travel company which you used to book you travel committed to give you the proper facilities during all your trip to the travel destination? Confirm, and reconfirm this thing. After the airplane, you will need to have a shuttle or the travel service which will lift you to you hotel. Will the company will provide you with travel services? And of course the hotel services. You are booking your tour, the package you are opting to book should always have the option of luxury, standard facilitated hotels. You need special care, so confirm and re-confirm about the hotel bookings and guarantee of what the services they will be providing you there. It is a must to do thing.


Things to pack for your Holidays

So you are packing up for the ultimate funny travel experience. Is your dog accompanying you? If yes, take the assistance from your travel agent that what you will need for that case. For packing, yes. Check your medicine box, first aid box, your clothes, according to the weather of your travel destination. Your mobility assistance means your wheelchair should be well serviced with the alternatives be there in case of any emergency. Now take my suggestion, fix some books to read during your trip. Take a bathroom seat, it is necessary. It should be folding one so no difficulty you face to move your luggage. Travel food and bottles of water are important to carry.  One and very important thing to remember. Don’t forget the prescriptions of the doctor who advised you the medicine, confirm if you can get the specific medicine from your travel destinations, if not, you should take a good amount of medicine to carry with you. It is important.


Decide the places to visit in advance

That means to explore the place in advance. You have an internet device, and the laptop or smartphone. You literally can explore the place this way. So start exploring the place, you should know about the places, names of the cities, their towns, shopping malls, hospitals, and most importantly the places you will explore in that specific place. If your destination includes historical places, museums, zoo, and beaches, you can easily manage your travel time and schedule your trip very easily. Try to get your guide informed about your travel time and time to reach there in hotel. Your guide might accompany with the nurse or a person who will help you move from one place to another.


Beware of any Misadventure

You may have any situation to face at your travel destination. Don’t worry, or even don’t get panic about such situations. You only have to take you out from such situations yourself. As far as independent you will be, that would be better. For example you get to the place where people are not so welcoming and accepting for people with disabilities, you know that fact later and then get disturbed to know that. This is not the right way to go. Always be ready for any situation which may occur around.

That doesn’t mean to get disturbed all the time and forget to enjoy at your holiday destination. After all you are there to enjoy and explore the beauties, charms and funs. Get enthralled by the opportunity, Cheers!

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