DNS Protected Dedicated Servers - How To Protect Your Business From DDoS

We continuously monitor your network and keep a check on the type of traffic that your network is receiving very closely which helps us in identifying the attacks sometimes in advance before they even happen so that we can take the security measures of DDoS protection and thus prevent trouble before it happens. We do this by a process called rate limiting and allowing only the amount of traffic that our host can take so that you don't have to worry about DDoS attacks again.


Dedicated servers are ideal for enterprise applications and web applications. The best hosting sites offer the best prices, and a wide range of features and resources to ensure your website gets optimal performance. Ultimate Hosting and Support offer hosting on one of the leading DDoS protected dedicated servers. Our dedicated servers offer: The DDoS protected server has all of the best features you would expect from an ultimate hosting site. For maximum security and functionality, our ultimate hosting service provides:

Superior Performance DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers are engineered for ultimate performance under any condition. They use the latest Intel processors to maximize throughput and peak capacity. With a guaranteed system-wide throughput of 500 gigabytes/sec, our dedicated servers to deliver unparalleled performance. They have a comprehensive collection of tools and security features designed to keep your server secure and running smoothly.

Scalability is another reason to choose a dedicated server. It allows for the expansion of server applications and web applications as your business grows. With an easy-to-use control panel and dynamic configuration utilities, a dedicated server is very flexible. It includes high-quality parts and components that allow for the expansion of any application or web site without major alterations to your server infrastructure.

Extensibility We utilize a variety of programming languages and hosting options to build our websites. Our DDoS protected server has a variety of options for expanding our application portfolio. It offers a completely automated installation process and flexible application deployment and monitoring that allow you to build highly-customized, multi-layered applications and websites.


The Best Web Application Platform Our top-rated DDoS server uses the open-source enterprise application platform OpenStack to provide the foundation for its powerful features and tools. The combination of this powerful server solution and our custom development tools and software allows us to build a community of application developers and designers who are committed to providing the best in cloud technology. OpenStack is extremely flexible with over 20+ extensible plugins. This gives us the ability to easily integrate DDoS tools into our web application development plans and maintain full control of our environments.

Scalability is another reason to choose a dedicated server for your applications. It provides great flexibility and high performance for a wide variety of workloads. The use of a fully managed dedicated server gives you full access to the root server and admin privileges for your own custom applications. It also gives you the security, resiliency, and scalability that you need to scale up and down your server without having to wait for system administrator approval.

Security You've probably heard that you need to have your server running at all times or else it will be vulnerable to attack. With a dedicated server, you're not going to have any issues with security - you've already paid for the service, so there's no risk of service downtime. Our team works hard to keep our servers at the top of the list for DDoS protection and prevention. Our engineers regularly monitor the security of our stack and our mission-critical services, always updating our components and addressing any vulnerabilities that may be present.

Scalability and security are just two of the many reasons why we choose to host with OVA hosting. When you're ready to make the transition to OVA dedicated server hosting, we'll conduct an on-site tutorial to help you get started. We'll discuss the advantages of VPS, as well as the security and scalability that come from using an OVA dedicated server. Once you've made the transition, we'll guide you through the steps of adding your VPS to your existing cPanel hosting accounts.

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