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Does Exercise Really Help with Varicose Veins?

Does Exercise Really Help with Varicose Veins?

According to the experts, if you are physically active, you are less likely to develop varicose veins as exercise reduces the chances of developing varicose veins. It helps to ease the symptoms and keep your health condition progressing. But doing exercise only is always not enough to prevent or treat the varicose veins. If the problem is uncontrollable, you may see a vein treatment san Jose.

I've got varicose veins. What can I do about them?



Most people are interested in knowing the importance of exercise in the case of varicose veins san Jose. Since there is no accurate method to prevent varicose veins but being physically active can reduce the risk. When you exercise daily, it helps improve your blood circulation as it keeps the blood pumping. Moreover, when you stay active, it helps you to maintain a healthy weight that may prevent vein disease up to some extent.  Furthermore, if you are already suffering from varicose vein san Jose and experiencing swollen, itchy and heavy legs, regular exercise may help ease the symptoms.  


Almost all the exercises are safe, healthy, and beneficial but not for everyone. If you have any issues or doubts, you can consult your doctor to know whether the physical activities are safer for you or not.  If you are pregnant you can talk to your obstetrician before beginning a new exercise program. If the veins are irritating you, you should go for vein treatment near me san Jose.


How varicose veins can be prevented through Exercise?


Most doctors recommend a minimum of thirty minutes of physical activity a day. You may split the time into three parts and exercise for ten minutes three times a day if you feel necessary. There are a few exercises enlisted below that can help relieve the symptoms.   




Walking is the most beneficial and safe for all ages for maintaining their fitness level. Regular walking may help you lose weight and maintain healthy blood pressure. Also, it helps to make your bones and muscles stronger.  






It is a low-impact exercise but beneficial to maintain healthy blood circulation activity along with the protection of your joints. If you do regular cycling, it can increase your calf muscles’ strength and promote healthy blood flow. You can use both types of bikes for this activity like traditional or stationary. If you don’t have a bicycle, you can do stretching exercises by lying on your back, drawing your knees to your chest, moving your legs in pedaling motion.

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Leg lifts


Leg lifts are simple stretching exercises that don’t need any special machine. You may start this activity by lying flat on your back. You should lift one leg at a time. Keep your leg in the air for some time before oscillating your legs. This exercise can help strengthen your leg muscles.


You can perform this exercise when you are standing. Not only does this exercise strengthen your leg muscles but helps improve blood circulation.  Take support onto a stable object like a chair and stretch one leg in front of you. Stay in this position for a few seconds and then alternate legs.




Lunges work on many varieties of muscle groups in your feet and calves. When these muscles are strong and healthy, it maintains the blood flow in the right direction.


Start it by standing with your feet slightly apart. Move forward and bow your knee. Make sure to keep your knee directly up to your ankle.  Stay in this position for a few seconds, then level up and alternate legs.


Rocking feet and  elevating your legs are other types of exercises that may help ease the symptoms of varicose veins. If you don’t find them helpful and veins are causing severe pain, you may visit varicose vein treatment san Jose.



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