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Does Wealth Report in Mutual Fund Software Present Reliable Information?

Wealth Elite is India's top Mutual Fund Software for Distributors and IFA, Integration with BSE & NSE, Multiple Assets, and inbuilt Video KYC & Online ATM.

Advisors manages investment of multiple clients at a time and analyzing status of every investors portfolio at regular interval is essential in order to ensure expected performance of the funds. In absence of proper and potential platform the advisors find it difficult to track the status of all the funds at a glance. To solve the issue facility of wealth report has been introduced by Wealth Elite in Mutual Fund Software that eases the analysis of the portfolio through the report.

Benefits of Wealth Report

  • Ascertain actual investment status within few seconds.
  • Differentiate between insurance & investment portfolio.
  • Analyze portfolio asset allocation.
  • Identify profit and loss on the invested funds.
  • Entire funds valuation at one place.

Issues without Wealth Report

  • No exact information about present value of funds.
  • Tracking portfolio becomes challenge for advisors.
  • Services to all clients can’t be delivered at a time.
  • Manual formation of reports consumes a lot time.

The advisors need to have the updated features which help them in delivering rapid services with accuracy that too at a low cost. Wealth report feature gives freedom to advisors to form reports instantly from anywhere at no extra efforts. Advisor who depends upon previous methods finds it typical to manage their business operations.

Features of Financial Software:

  • Complex Solutions: The tool is capable to deliver solution for every complex problem arriving in business of advisors. Even the platform is designed to perform functions on behalf of advisors for removing manual dependency.

  • Remote Dealings: The software facilitates advisors and clients to deal from their home location without need of physical presence that also reduces the cost and saves time of both the parties.

  • Returns Estimates: The tool itself calculates the future returns accurately and suggests the best recommendations to invest funds smartly in the top schemes having potential to deliver maximum returns.

  • Instant action: The advisors can immediately invest or redeem funds for clients in order the make the deal good and prevent investor’s funds from suffering loss.

Benefits to advisors:

  • Fewer efforts are required to manage business operations.
  • Improves accuracy and productivity of the firm.
  • More clients can be acquired in less time.
  • Uninterrupted services are provided to clients.

Privileges to the advisors:

  • Effective portal for client management and retention.
  • Several reports for investment tracking.
  • Quick operations with few clicks.
  • Systematic financial planning for client’s portfolio.
  • Paperless record of important information of clients.

Key Features:

  • Funds Calculators: The advanced goal based returns calculators assist advisors in performing complex calculations of returns for the future that can be achieved through present investment.

  • Quick Services: Instant services are provided by advisors with the help of technical platform that reduces the chances of mistakes in the transactions and increases accuracy.

  • Investors Management: The software manages the data of clients on behalf of advisor which reduces the operational cost for advisors and thus helps in securing more revenue for the business.

  • Portfolio Management: Through the software the management of funds becomes easy for investors which facilitate their investment to keep growing for a long term and even the multiple assets held by investors can be handled with efficiency.

Thus all the above stated features and benefits reveals that every advisor must have the latest financial software which can easily operate in their behalf and take the firm to the next level. Advisors still using traditional technology may face consequences in carrying business functions in future.

The software based dealing has brought significant changes in Indian economy which had attract several opportunities for fresh advisors and investors. Even the business of advisor attained potential to gain success within a short span through management of several clients at a single time. The worth of the software is crucial in the firm of advisors as it coordinates with all sections of a business to generate favorable results in the interest of the owner.

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