Eating starch, High starch diet

Eating starch can make you lose weight in just a few days.

Eating starch has 4 main benefits that include weight loss. A high starch diet is capable of making you live a healthy life as compared to other ‘only veggie diets.’

Eating starch is the main and the sole enemy of those who, diet and stay about what their everyday meal intake is. The big question here is that ‘does eating starch make you fat?’ No, eating starch doesn’t make you fat but certainly the way you cook it. A balanced and well-diversified diet is essential if you are not willing to get overweight. The scientific findings believe that taking in more calories than you burn is a leading cause of gaining more weight. People around the world are getting curious about what is the best way to lose weight without incorporating a high starch diet. But what if we say, you can lose weight eating starch-rich food? 

According to the experts, adding the following to your diet can extensively make your meals full of health, fiber, and weight-loss benefits. 


Rice is a staple in the Asian diet. So, if you cook and eat it right, you can enjoy some of the tastiest rice dishes without worrying about your weight or diet. 

Tip: Cook your rice and allow it to cool down before you consume it. 


The experts don’t recommend you to eat a bucket full of oil dipped french fries, but you can bake them crispy. Add some baked potato fries or chips to your plate. 

Tip: Soak the potatoes (after peeling and cutting) in cold water to allow excess starch to wash off. 


These aren’t exactly the kind of sweet potatoes you like. But, have more fiber and potassium which is a perfect high starch diet. 

Tip: Boil the yams first to keep their nutrients intact. Baking could be a second option. 

If you are thinking about what health benefits can be derived from eating starch, then here is a list that would make you want to start eating potatoes, now. 

High starch diet

Weight loss

Many people think that eating starch will make you fat and gain weight, however, many experts say that a high starch diet helps in losing weight. The only thing to note here is that you have to ensure a proper cooking procedure to enjoy the benefit. 

More energy

Athletes and especially those who have a lot of physical work to do, eating starch is the best way to gain more energy. Carbs act as fuel for our bodies. 

Lower blood sugar

Lower blood sugar means that you are lowering the risk of diabetes. Fiber present in starchy carbs keeps your blood sugar levels under control. 

Better digestion

Eating starch means more fiber intake, which is one of the major components for better digestion. 

Get in touch with the potato expert, to know the best way to lose weight within days, eating starch.


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