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Eco-Friendly Custom Pillow Boxes On Wholesale Rates

These boxes are available with really amazing features so that it cannot only attract your customers but also keep your product safe.

Use Our Unique Packaging for Pillow Boxes

Everyone wants that their product should look different from others. And to make it look different we use different packaging that makes your product look unique. So, for this purpose we introduce a unique packaging box for your product with a number of features. We call these boxes as pillow boxes because of its pillow like shape.

Amazing box styles

We can add amazing box styles to the packaging but as these boxes are itself a box style so we add some other styles in its support. To make it open easily these boxes are reverse tuck. And if you want to use it for display purpose then window die cut can help you out. With the help of window die cut the product inside is easily visible. Moreover, to make it easy to carry from one place to another we can add handles along with these boxes. So that your customer feels easy to carry it and it give a good impression on the customers.

Size and shape

As these are unique boxes so they have specific shapes that make them different from others. These shapes can be rectangular, hexagonal, pillow etc. Because of its shape specific products can be fitted inside them. These boxes cannot carry any food product. But we have these boxes in all size so that you can easily adjust your product inside it.

Amazing Finishing

To give these unique boxes decent elegant smooth and adorable touch we can add different coatings. These coatings are basically the finishing touch of the packaging. For these amazing packaging coatings, we have matte coating, glossy coating, glittery coating, UV spot coating and aqueous coating. We have a wide range in the coating for your packaging so that your packaging looks different from others. 

Custom Pillow Boxes

Get Amazing Pillow Boxes at Cheap Rates 

These boxes are available with really amazing features so that it cannot only attract your customers but also keep your product safe. We have such features in our packaging that it can protect your product as well as environment. Moreover, with these features we have best rates for your packaging.

Stable Material for amazing boxes

The material is the root of the packaging that makes your product safe and secure. Material should be durable, strong, sturdy and stable. So for pillow boxes we have cardboard and Kraft. These are light weight and easy to mold it in any shape.  Because of its light weight it is easy to carry them from one place to another. These custom pillow boxes are strong enough but we also have corrugated material that are stronger and more durable then these two materials. Our materials increase the life of your product in the market.

Ecofriendly Material

These boxes material is totally ecofriendly. You can dispose it after use as well as you can also reuse it to keep different products in it. Any change in the environment does not affect your product. Our material is totally weather resistant. We also keep your product safe form water because of the water proof nature of our material. During the manufacturing the waste rate is very low. We the help of our eco –friendly material you can protect your environment from damage. And this gives a positive impact on the customers.

Wholesale rates

Now the next thing that needs to be noticed is the rates of the packaging. As everyone is well known of inflation and also worried about it. So we have the solution of all these issues. We offer best rates for the packaging. Our rates are really affordable as compare to our competitors.  Moreover, if you want pillow boxes wholesale in large amount than you should go for our discount rates. We offer wholesale rates for your amazing packaging so that you can have the maximum packaging at very reasonable price. You can have price packages according to the features of the packaging.  We also offer flat off on special occasions to make your occasion special.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Best Pillow Boxes Packaging Organization

iCustomBoxes is the best organization to offer you the best packaging. We offer the best packaging with latest features in the packaging that increase the value of your product. For innovative packaging we have incredible features that we sketch on your packaging to make it more eye-catching.


These stylish pillow boxes can have trendy features in it. So that it can be more alluring for the customers. We can add latest designs on the boxes so that it can explain the product inside the box. These designs are portrayed by experienced professionals. Our professionals depict your ideas and views on your packaging. The packaging designs can be loud, smooth and harsh according to customer`s choice.


These boxes can be vibrant funky and eye-catching colors. For these amazing colors we have latest color pattern. As these boxes are also used for gift purpose so you can add colors and designs according to the event.


Printing is the best source of advertisement. For the printing on the boxes, we have latest techniques. Moreover, these techniques add variety in the packaging. With the help of these techniques, you can add different information and graphics on the pillow boxes. The most important thing that you can add is company logo that introduces you to your customers. Moreover, these boxes can also have the price tags and taglines on the boxes. You can also add greetings on the boxes if you are using these boxes for gift purpose.

Custom Pillow Boxes

Where To Get Best Pillow Boxes?

To have best boxes for the packaging iCustomBoxes is the best place. We offer best services for the packaging. Our services increase the value of your packaging. We offer free professional consultation so that you can easily communicate with them to design your packaging. For more details you can contact our customer service team. They are available 24 hours for your help. We also offer free shipping of your packaging all over the world. Order us now!

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