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Elechomes Baby Food Maker & Processor Review

The Elechomes performed exceptionally well in our evaluation! We were, in general, impressed with the style, quality, security features, and efficiency. It has a relatively low price for a baby food maker.

The Elechomes Baby Food Maker & Food Processor is a brand-new addition to our list of the best baby food makers, and it has some great functions. These consist of double steamer baskets, incorporated blender (processor), a decent lower steamer basket capability, dishwasher-friendly parts, BPA complimentary plastic, and a cool retro styling that you'll either enjoy or dislike!


We checked the Elechomes Baby Food Maker (model BFP-2800MT) in September 2019 and thought it did a pretty good job steaming and pureeing foods, specifically for its reasonably low cost (about $79). It's a great way to make a few of your natural baby foods from the comfort of your house. Check out our complete evaluation below to discover what we loved about the Elechomes Baby Food Maker and what we believe could be enhanced.


Evaluating the Elechomes Baby Food Maker


In our review of the Elechomes Baby Food Maker, three of us tried out the steaming and puree functions with many various fruits and vegetables, including frozen peas, apples, and fresh carrots. The peas took Fifteen minutes to steam, the carrots took Twenty minutes & the apples took Fifteen minutes. Plus, the time to puree is about another minute.


We also dishwasher all the parts between each screening to ensure the pieces didn't warp or discolor. We purchased a gallon of pure water to utilize with it, as the owner's handbook says not to use faucet water or anything aside from distilled water. The water tank holds about 200mL of water, and we found that much water can steam for about 50 minutes (which means you can run a couple of cycles with the very same tank of water).


Setting Up the Elechomes Baby Food Maker


Out of the package, the baby food maker features five various parts and the primary equipment. You can see the elements in the listed below picture (excuse our stovetop!). The upper left lid requires to screw on before steaming or blending. Upper right is the primary blending/pureeing bowl, with a comfy deal. The lower left is the upper steaming basket, and the lower right is the main steaming basket. Something disappointed in the photo is the small plastic cover to prevent splashes and splatters throughout blending or pureeing.


The owner's manual is in English. And that has the list of typical vegetables and fruits and their steaming times (including meats, fish, fruits, veggies). It likewise consists of an extra little waterproof ring that's valuable if the very first one ever becomes scrubby or dried out from extended use. We never had to change ours. However, we thought it was a nice touch to include the additional.


Utilizing the Elechomes Baby Food Maker


To use the cleaner, you first will wish to fill the water tank with distilled water, as much as the red MAX line you'll see inside (and put the cover back on!). Then position the main mixer bowl onto the base (with a counter-clockwise twist), and lower the larger steaming basket into the mixer bowl.


Go ahead and fill up the cleaner basket. Our suggestion is to put the food that takes a bit longer to steam (like carrots or potatoes) in the primary lower steaming basket. If you use the upper steaming basket, this is the time to place that on top of the main steaming basket and fill it up with your 2nd fruit or veggie. Once you have both cleaner baskets filled up, proceed and put the blue cover on (with a counter-clockwise twist).


The blue cover has a great ribbed border to help you grip it with your hand and tighten it onto the blending bowl. In the below image, we have fully set up the baby food maker - it ought to look like this once you're all set to get going!


All set to go? To begin the cleaner, all you require to do is twist the timer to the proper time. In the listed below picture, we set it to 20 minutes to steam a frozen peas basket. You will hear the timer the whole time - for much better or for worse: for much better, it gives a constant suggestion that it's steaming your food. For worse, it's a little loud and disruptive to have a ticking timer in your kitchen! When it does the steaming, it will ding and turn off automatically.


At this moment, we recommend waiting a couple of minutes for things to cool down before moving onto the puree stage. Perhaps 5 minutes approximately. That blue lid gets extremely hot, and you'll most likely not want to grab it for several minutes after the system stops steaming. Or utilize an oven mitt, but beware, it's steamy inside!


Now, the pureeing phase is fundamental. Take off the cover and take out the steamer baskets. Discard the steamer basket into the pureeing bowl - we generally left all the cleaner water in the bottom to make pureeing much easier. Put the splash or splatter lid on top of the cleaner bowl. And after that, but the blue cover back on. Press the power button on to begin pureeing, and hold it down for as long as you need. It is best to hold the button down the whole time to keep it pureeing (it's a button, not a switch).


When your food is all pureed, proceed and take off the lid and manage the blender bowl. At that point, be genuinely mindful of the sharp blade at the bottom of the bowl! We recommend using a rubber spatula to get the pureed food out.


You can put the parts in the dishwashing machine for cleaning, though you might discover it easier to use a bottle cleaner, sponge, and some excellent dish soap. Once again, beware of that sharp best baby food processor blade!


Review of the Elechomes Baby Food Maker


The Elechomes performed exceptionally well in our evaluation! We were, in general, impressed with the style, quality, security features, and efficiency. It has a relatively low price for a baby food maker.


Comments about Usability. We liked the simplicity of the style and controls. The various bowls, cups, parts were a little complicated initially, but we rapidly got utilized to utilizing it. The rules were basic enough: a timer for steaming and a button for pureeing your food. The timer was a little loud, which may get frustrating for some parents - but it was good to have an audible "ding" when it got completed. One good perk is that the timer works even when the baby food maker isn't plugged in - so you can use it as a kitchen timer even when not steaming anything. That's a nice touch.


One minor annoyance about the functionality is that you need to hold down the puree button the entire time the food is blending. That was wacky the first time and, after that, a little irritating the next couple of times. We get it: you're only pureeing for a minute or so. However, who wishes to be pressing the button for that long awkwardly? First-world issues.


Comments about Safety. We liked how the system would not switch on for steaming or pureeing if the lid wasn't safely attached. That is the same as other baby food makers we have reviewed, but it was nice to test that safety feature. That's not going to stop kids from potentially reaching in and touching that very sharp food mill blade, but that's no different from any other best baby food maker or food processor. In terms of heat, the system got truly hot and discharged a great deal of steam out of the back. Be sure when you're placing it on your counter to prevent putting it under upper cabinets or anything else that might not respond well to hot steam. Speaking of heat, we wish to repeat that the blue cover gets incredibly hot and the only method to remove it is to get onto it (there's no deal with it), so that's absolutely an annoyance with this model.

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