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Establish skyrocketing success in the video-conferencing industry with the white-label Airmeet Clone

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No matter what happens, but the essential routines must keep going-is the lesson that the year 2020 has clearly portrayed to us. People from various industries were pushed to find alternative ways for working, in attending online classes and also to conduct seminars etc. That was when they turned to well-established video-conferencing apps such as Airmeet, Zoom etc. 

These were the apps that acted as saviours to keep people going by catering to the needs of users to connect virtually. Many educational institutions and organizations have started to adapt to these online video-conferencing solutions. 

If you are an entrepreneur who is looking for a new venture, then without a second thought, start with the development of the Airmeet clone for business

In case you are wondering about the significant change it could bring, then here’s the list of sectors that can make use of this white-label Airmeet Clone:

  • Corporate companies
  • Startups
  • Educational institutions
  • Interviews
  • Conferences/ Seminars
  • Presentations 
  • Podcasts
  • Communication with family and friends

Technology Stack for iOS and Android Airmeet Clone apps 

Before getting into the development process, finalize the technology stack that is going to be employed in the app. Here are some suggestions for advanced tools and technologies that can be useful in building a robust video-conferencing app.

iOS app- Technology stack

Programming language- Swift


Video chat- WebRTC

Toolkits- Apple Code

Android app- technology stack

Programming language- Java, Kotlin

SDK- Android SDK

Video chat- WebRTC

Toolkit- Android Studio 


Three APIs that WebRTC uses


RTC DataChannel


You can suggest with the firm and can choose to add any additional technologies or tools for building your online session hosting platform. The key to gain a large user base is to provide an error-free app. Make sure that the app is developed with the most advanced set of tools. 

Wrapping up

You can dodge through most of this process swiftly by choosing the Airmeet Clone script offered by the expertise app development company like Appdupe. Make your app live and get ahead of your competitors now!

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