Exact future predictions free: a step towards greater future

You can predict your future events with the help of free accurate future prediction by date of birth and time.

In our life cycle, there are many turns hurdles, and obstacles are there either you have to face them or you have to get rid of them. Nowadays most people want to get rid of them, so they consult an astrologer for free life prediction. The astrologer predicts your life according to your date of birth. If there is some problem in your birth chart then you can overcome from that problem by the help of the astrologer and he also gives the solutions for that particular problem.


What is life prediction?


Astrology totally depends upon beliefs which holds the statement that astronomical phenomena and events or description of personality in the human’s world. We can say it is an ancient science that can tell us about future events. Indian astrology by date of birth examines that the planetary position of heavily bodies like; - sun, moon, stars calculate and influence human’s life. Life prediction is the part of astrology that deals with future occurring events of a human’s life.

Advantages of life prediction: -

  • Came to know the upcoming problems
  • Know the reality of persons around us
  • We can change our fate 
  • We can change our destiny result 
  • Choose the right career
  • Can find a perfect pair
  • Can choose the gov job/ private job/ business
  • Can predict the right time do start and end something


 Life prediction by date of birth and how it affects our life


Astrology helps us to make our career brighter and it also suggests some solutions to deals with the upcoming problems. Free life prediction by date of birth and time helps us to figure out our problems and give solutions get rid of them. By comparing the natal charts, astrologer can predict the future of a person by analysing the present and past events of that person. Apart from that astrologer can forecast accurate astrology prediction free by seeing your Kundli, because kundali hold a person’s date of birth, time of birth, place of birth, nakshatra. Using such things astrologer can also discover our problems.


Detailed life prediction free to enhance your career


A career is the most important and significant part of our life. It takes years to build and also destroys in a few seconds. A good career led to a happy and effective life. Along with these things we need to choose the right path for a healthy and cheerful future. At a certain turn of life, we need to choose the right path for us by detailed life prediction freeIt shows the right time and right path to choose which is suitable for you and also predict how long you will be in this field.

Some assumptions like: -

  • 2nd house defines the money source.
  • 6th house is for findings a particular career and makes subsequent field in that career.
  • 10th house describes the positions in that field, surrounding environments of that field and the behaviour with co-workers.

Above all things depend upon the planets like Saturn and Jupiter.


How to consult an astrologer online

In the vast technology era internet is the best way to get your work done. From online service to shopping, the technologies are getting easier day by day. Such as the internet gives us access to meet or consult an astrologer in our hard times without visiting physically. So, there is the most reliable site on the internet that can provide online astrology consultation with life prediction by date of birth and time. Tabij astrology gives you a free instant future prediction and gets your free life report instantly.


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