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Explanatory Guide on the Application of QuickBooks Tool Hub

QuickBooks is a fine accounting tool used by various small to midsize business owners to follow up with their bookkeeping needs on a digital platform. The software interface is designed so even a non-accounting user could use most of its features with ease. However, several issues and errors often derail the scheduled agendas of the users and leave them helpless. To their assistance, the QuickBooks tool hub was rolled out by Intuit. Follow the blog till the end to find more about it.

While QuickBooks tool hub is a great utility to fix most of the issues in QuickBooks, there are some errors that require external technical consultation. If you face such a problem, call on the helpline number (855)-526-5749 anytime.

What is QuickBooks Tool Hub?

The QuickBooks Desktop Tool Hub is a set of troubleshooting applications downloaded earlier by the users differently as per the errors they are facing, but later in 2020, Intuit combined them under an umbrella software. It consists of several automated fixtures to numerous issues and can be download from Intuit website. QuickBooks tool hub download link is available on the Intuit website as well.

Important- Do not go to any third-party websites offering QuickBooks tool hub download links. Only the Intuit QuickBooks Tool Hub download is genuine.

How to Download QuickBooks Tool Hub on the computer?

As we mentioned earlier, to download tool hub for QuickBooks, the user has to visit the Intuit website. The installation process is discussed in the following points.

  1. Open the downloaded file (QuickBooksToolHub.exe) by double-clicking on it and click on Install.
  2. Click on the I agree box and select Continue.
  3. Wait for the installation to finish and double-click on the tool hub icon on the desktop to run it.

What are some of the useful tools on the QuickBooks Desktop Troubleshooting tool?

Below are mentioned some of the tools that you can use to resolve different issues on your QuickBooks.

  1. Quick Fix my Program: This tool is used to rectify the 6000- series errors that affect the company file and prevent QuickBooks from opening. It refreshes the background process running behind the QuickBooks to restart the software without any issues.
  2. QuickBooks Password Reset Tool: When a user forgets the password set to access the company file, the QuickBooks password reset tool comes to the rescue and resets the company file password with a few clicks.
  3. QuickBooks Print and PDF repair tool: Sometimes, the user cannot print, email, or save a file as PDF due to an underlying issue in QuickBooks. That’s when the print and pdf repair tool comes to the rescue and troubleshoots the problem in no time.
  4. QuickBooks Install Diagnostic tool: Installation of any program on Windows requires proper functioning of components like .NET Framework, MSXML, C++, etc. The install diagnostic tool can be used when any of these Microsoft components starts acting up during QuickBooks Desktop installation.
  5. QuickBooks Clean Install Tool: Issues where a simple re-installation cannot resolve some specific errors, can be handled by running QuickBooks Clean Install Tool. It helps you remove QuickBooks Desktop from Windows without leaving any installation traces.
  6. QuickBooks Database Server Manager: A business can do wonders if multiple users can work on the business data simultaneously. Intuit, understanding end-users needs, has created a feature that allows multiple QuickBooks users to work on the company file in a network by enabling multi-user mode. Setting up and keeping multi-user mode up and running requires a QuickBooks database server manager that comes in-built with QuickBooks Tool Hub. QuickBooks database server manager helps QuickBooks access the company file stored over the network and resolve common company file accessibility issues. 

At this point, we would like to end this article on the QuickBooks tool hub. We hope that the content written above is easy to understand and helps you to eradicate the issues. On a different note, if the problem persists and can’t be solved completely by the tool hub, feel free to dial the toll-free number (855)-526-5749 and get immediate technical support.

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