Factors that you should consider while choosing your GI:

Rash guards although are not that much old, so before that combatants wear a cotton shirt beneath their BJJ GIs

Practicing a JIU JITSU has so many advantages and among them, mental and physical fitness is the best one. Through JIU JITSU you can make yourself mentally and physically fit. When Brazilian JIU-JITSU was first introduced, it was not that popular but, when it was added to the Olympics, this sport has gained an immense amount of popularity. Moreover, when it was first introduced, there were almost 4 to 5 stores in the United States which offers BJJ GIs but, now with the popularity, the number of outlets offering BJJ GIs is also increasing.

On one hand, the BJJ GIs outlets are increasing rapidly; however, it has also made it difficult to choose among a vast variety of GIs. Having a perfect BJJ GI is important and if you don’t have one in perfect condition than you won’t feel comfortable while practicing the JIU-JITSU. Buying a perfect BJJ GI is not that easy and this is entirely different from buying tracksuits or running joggers. Tracksuits and jogger can be bought from any store but with BJJ GI the story is totally different. You have to choose a trusted store which offers JIU JITSU equipment. Your BJJ GI should be comfortable and fit because you have to choke your opponent or perform other tactics.

So, in this article we will discuss some factors that you should consider while choosing your GI.

  • Proper Fitting:

One of the main aspects of BJJ GI is its fitting. Fitting of you GI is very important because it’s not only making you comfortable but also makes you sharp and motivated. Proper fitting also helps you to do your desired move smoothly. Fitting of your BJJ GI is totally depended on you because you have to wear it but always make sure that your GI is not loose and not tight enough, it should be proper fit.

Furthermore, there are lots of people who love to wear skinny fit GIs while some like to wear loose baggy GIs, so as I said above fitting of GI is personal preference. If you are ok with, the fitting than just go for it and give your best on the playing field.

  • Design:

Design is a key when you choosing your GI, nowadays as person is known for the cloth he or she wears. So if you are wearing a designer sharp GI than your opponent will be afraid that he has got a powerful and senior player against him.

  • Weave Type:

Another major thing to consider while buying a perfect GI for you is which type of weave will suit you. There are 4 different type of weaves from which you can choose.

Single Weave:

If you have just started your JIU JITSU career, then this would be the perfect GI for you. the reason behind is that, this GI is not only cheap but also give the comfort you need and allows easy movement. There are lots of people who don’t like single weave Gis because they are too thin and not long last for long.

Double Weave:

People who don’t like single weave mostly goes for double weave Gis. Double weave e Gis are durable and that’s why lost long. Although, double weave BJJ Gis are little expensive but if you buy it once then you don’t have think of buying a new for at least a year. The only drawback of this weave is that the material of double weave is thicker which can absorb more heat that’s why they are not suitable in warm weather.

Gold Weave:

The gold weave is for those that want benefits of both the above-mentioned GIs. Gold weave GIs are not only lightweight as the single weave, but are also durable similar to the double weave.

Rip stop Weave:

As the name says, ripstop weaves are specially designed to stop or prevent rips or tears. These type of weaves are light weighted and thin which makes it easier to grab.

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