Find a compatible partner with free marriage horoscope

Find your perfect life partner using marriage horoscope by date of birth and many solutions to problems you may face after your marriage.

Marriage is a beautiful and sacred bond that is formed between two people. But due to many situations and hardships everything gets disturbed and they get separated. There may be many reasons for separation but many people face it due to quick steps they take without their parent’s concern, one of the most suggested point of view that every parent suggest is marriage prediction that is done by astrologers by getting a correct matched marriage horoscope which gives you all the information regarding marriage and solutions too that may disturb you in coming future. For now no need to visit any astrologer just by a click in our marriage horoscope by date of birth service you can get it through call or by message.

Benefits of marriage astrology

As per Vedic astrology, marriages are made in heaven. And astrologers guide us to find our best compatible partner by which our marriage life will be very beautiful and pleasing. They provide the best ever guidance and help us to find our match by the positions and angles of the planets and stars in the respective houses of birth chart and spouse’s birth chart too by then the perfect marriage horoscope is created. For marriage prediction, Astrologers also say which will be the good date and time for the marriage because if there will be any misjudgment during the certain timings and date the whole marriage will be a great disgrace to the couple as well as to the families related. Here in tabij astrology we provide the best free marriage horoscope by date of birth which will give you all better knowledges regarding your issues related to marriage along with this we will provide a marriage report that gives all solutions.

Planetary alignments for marriage horoscope

Our kundli contains 12 houses and every house signifies a certain aspect of life. During marriage prediction 7th house in the birth chart tells us about marriage and its type. The 7th house is also for business partnership as will. For further marriage related issues 2nd ,4th ,5th and 8th house are also concerned. 2nd house in birth chart signifies the incoming wealth, the life period of marriage and the children’s they will have. 4th house represents the family life and home related answers. Happiness and the peace are two important aspects of a family but due to small misplacements of planets in birth chart houses leads to havoc.

Venus and Jupiter plays important role when the marriage is concerned because they are the planets of marriage in birth charts. Mars is equally important but some different branches of astrology says it regards for a husband that is more tilted towards his wife rather than family. But Vedic astrology says that venus is represents wife in male’s birth chart and Jupiter represents husband in female’s birth chart. Other than these you will get all related details in marriage age prediction by date of birth free online service provided by tabij astrology.

Doashas that you face during marriage

  • Mangal dosha: mangal dosha is one of the most dangerous dosha as compared to any other dosha. It is seen in a particular houses of kundli that are 1st, 2nd, 4th, 7th, 8th and 12th respectively. Some problems we face due to it are delay in marriage, death of spouse, troubled married life and disturbances in family.
  • Nadi dosha: If some placements of planets are same in the house of both people then it relates to nadi dosha. Most drastic effect includes sexual problems, frequent clashes in house, compatible issues, pregnancy issues.
  • Bhakut dosha: Bhakut dosha says about the compatibility type what they are going to get in upcoming marriage life.

All these issues will be solved by the best astrologers we have. Tabij astrology will give the best astrology, solutions to these Doashas and get free marriage horoscope.

Love or arranged marriage prediction

By love or arranged marriage prediction by date of birth free online service we will give you the best known results about your marriage and its types. Numerology is the branch of astrology that deals with the date of birth and birth time of individuals. Our horoscope is nothing but the snapshot of the planets position at the birth date and time. You can get your marriage report prediction for free in tabij astrology site for free. 

As marriage is a very important factor you should not take any bad step, you should consult our astrologers and get marriage report and be free to contact us by calling on +91 9776190123 and visit our site:


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