Kundali Matching by Name: Know the importance of Marriage from kundli

Do you want to know about your kundali matching with your name? Have you ever wondered why kundali matching in Hindi is given so much importance in our culture? Here you will know all about online Kundli matching and Gun Milan by name in detail.

Marriage is no less than a major turning point in someone’s life. The marital bond lasts for a lifetime and people have an astronomical belief in the relationship of seven births. Most of the family members try to get the perfectly kundali matching of their children to confirm if their stars are compatible or not. Astrologers are often asked to compare the detailed date of birth charts of the proposed bride and groom by Kundali Milan by name to check if they will be able to live a happier life or not.

A brief description of Kundali Matching by date of Birth

Kundali matching by name and date of birth is an ancient astrological process in which the detailed kundali Milan of the bride and groom is matched before finalizing the marriage between them. The whole procedure is considered as the starting point of the marriage process. It is a belief that it is necessary to have a perfect name for the bride and groom to lead a happy and healthy married life. All the relevant yogas, gunas, and doshas of both the Kundlis are analysed while kundli matchmaking.

What are the advantages of Kundli matching in Hindi with predictions and free horoscope matching for marriage?

  • online kundali matching by name helps in choosing & determining your Career.
  • Checking similarities in relationships between two couples like love life, married life.
  • It helps in detail personality development both acquisitively and morally.
  • free kundli matching helps in financial management.

According to a free marriage horoscope, kundali milan hindi is the plan of his/her life and it would give a lot of knowledge about significant achievements throughout one’s life and the time span in which it would occur. It likewise supports you in all aspects of life that occur for an explanation and everything known to mankind holds fast to the huge laws of the universe.

Guns Milan score and recommendation for marriage

In the time of gun milan by name out of 36 guns 18 have to match and then the prediction for possibilities of marriage checking by that.

  • Below 18: -Marriage not recommended
  • Between 18-24: - Average match, possibilities of a marriage
  • Between 24-32: - Always recommended, successful marriage
  • Between 32-36: - Highly recommended, Match made in heaven

Data required for kundali matching

People differentiate each other from various factors. There are many numbers of people are living in this beautiful creation but every people have different faces and they also differ from date of birth, birth time, birth name, and different horoscope. People have two types of names one is given by parents and another the birth name given by the astrologer and which is helpful to matching kundali by name.

Janam Kundali Match for marriage:

According to the online Kundli matching analysis, the 7th house notifies us accurate marriage age of the person. The gun Milan by name for marriage is the appropriate traditional way which is Ashta koota. Here the entire 36 Gunas are matched by the Kundali specialist astrologer, by which we get to know one should go for this marriage or not.

They provide your details like name, date of birth, birthplace, the planetary position of marriage you can get all the remedies to solve your problems and you can get the perfect match to enter into a new marital life.

Online Kundali matching by name follows the Ashtakoota rule to match your Kundali by providing your name and all the birth details you get the perfect result of Kundali matching for marriage. Or visit: Tabij.in or call on +91 9776190123

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