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Understanding Your Janma Kundali According to the Kannada Panchanga

Everybody in today’s world would like a solution to all their problems. People seek answers for their life’s quests and questions but do not understand the intricacy of the universe and its connections with the dealings of your life. This is why a lot of people are jumping on the astrology bandwagon.

Everybody in today’s world would like a solution to all their problems. People seek answers for their life’s quests and questions but do not understand the intricacy of the universe and its connections with the dealings of your life. This is why a lot of people are jumping on the astrology bandwagon.

Astrology is a complex and intuitive practice that requires precise calculations and an understanding of the planets and their effect on the natural calendar of the earth and individual. Vedic astrology is one of the oldest practices known to man. It follows multiple systems and almanacs. Out of these, the Kannada Panchanga is accepted prominently around the astrology circuit, especially towards southern India.

Learning to read your own Janma Kundali in Kannada, more commonly known as birth chart, can be a highly perplexing task. Not everyone may understand the intricacy behind the calculations. There are also numerous characters in astrology that control and contribute to an individual’s state of affairs. Knowing and learning about them can become confusing. On the bright side, if you are truly interested in learning, you can have a profession unravel your Jataka in Kannada.

To begin with, the first and most important aspect you’ll need to master is the natal chart. Using the time and location of your birth, your chart is calculated. Let us understand the importance of a Kundali before diving into the roles of the key players.

The relevance of Kundali in Kannada:

A kundali or natal chart is basically a diagram drawn based on the date and place of a person’s birth, which is used for further evaluation of their lives based on the position of celestial bodies at this time. A kundali will form the crux of all astrological calculations. Let’s discuss the roles played by the Janma Kundali:

  • *A Kundali is used to predict the difficulties, challenges, and obstacles one faces in their lives. With a proper understanding, your kundali can not help you predict these but also show you the paths you can take to face these challenges. 
  • Your Kundali is a reflection of your inner and outward traits and shortcomings. It will guide you through your adverse characteristics and teach you to refine the traits you exhibit. 
  • The birth chart can be used to make predictions and decisions based on your work life. It can tell you much, from the kind of careers you will prosper in, the kind of success you may attain, and how you will manage your finances and wealth. 
  • From the natal chart, one can also understand their family and love life. You can decipher favorable and unfavorable circumstances for marriage and match kundalis with future prospects and check for stability or compatibility. 
  • * Your birth chart can be decoded to understand your health better. You can anticipate or make predictions about diseases, fitness, lifestyle, incurable illness, and even fertility. 
  • * The kundali chart provides a keen insight into academics and creativity. It can also be used to shed light on enemies and opponents in your life. 

The kundali chart is a vast sea of knowledge that needs to be navigated through with precision for heightened insight into your life and it’s harmony with the world around. There are many aspects of astrology that you need to thoroughly understand to gain mastery over the practice. But to understand the basic functions of a Janma Kundali in Kannada, you need to know about these characters influencing the chart:

Birthdate and location: As already mentioned, the birth date and time along with the location of birth will lead to the kundali being made. The positions of celestial bodies like Graha, Rashi, and Dasha are calculated and matched to the Kannada Panchanga. 

Rashi and Graha: In astrology, a moon placed sign is termed as Rashi, that is, the 12 zodiac signs. A graha is a planet. There are 7 main grahas- The sun, the moon, Jupiter, Saturn, Mercury, Venus and Mars, and two Chaayaa Graha- Rahu and Ketu. These are shadow planets or unseen entities. Each Rashi and Graha have a specific attribute and function, respectively, that imprint on your life. 

Bhavas: Bhavas are the houses that are ruled by Rashi and Graha. There are 12 houses holding information on different parts of your life like a career path, marriage, children, and other important events.

Lagna: The ascendant or the rising sign is the sign that arises over the eastern horizon at the time of birth. It portrays your outward appearance and persona. Lagna can define the face you put up and the way the world looks at you. 

Panchanga: The panchanga is the Vedic almanac or calendar that dates and times various events and occurrences in the natural world in a tabulated form. A strong foundation is required to understand it, but astrologers have made it simple to decipher the Kannada Panchanga

Dasha: Dasha is a periodic cycle of a planet’s ruling period. Learning this will make it easy for you to know when the traits of a planet will manifest strongly in you and can determine if the outcome will be favorable or not. Periods of uncertainty, failure, success, joy, and much more can be determined if you learn the Dasha of your ruling Rashis.

Knowing the basic elements of the kundali, you must move on to learn each function of the same. You also have to understand more key elements to properly decipher the kundali chart to predict the future and also explain the present and the past. 

If you are just beginning, then the sheer number of aspects will leave you dumbfounded. The practice requires time and patience and a keen sense of curiosity. With the help of a professional astrologer and the right materials, you can easily decipher your Kannada bhavishya.

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