job prediction through astrology

When will I get a job according to my birth date?

Career prediction by date of birth plays a very important role in Vedic astrology. It will give you the right outcome for your career decision.

How long have you been hunting for a job? A week, fortnight, month, year or more! But you could not a job. It may sound disappointing, but you can get a solution to it. Your birth chart indicates it all: when will  you get a job according to your birth date? Just find a good career astrologer and you will know when can you get a job according to your birth details. Have you ever thought about taking career prediction? Well, with this, you can know what career suits you the best, whether you should do a job or business, what is the right time to start a job or business and in which field you should try looking for a job. And mind you, in such cases, a competent astrologer is much better than a career counsellor. 

Career prediction by date of birth

Just like other aspects of your life, your career is also governed by the houses in your horoscope/birth chart. So, career prediction by date of birth plays a very important role in Vedic astrology. It will give you the right outcome for your career decision. A well-qualified astrologer, who has deep knowledge and vast experience in astrology, can give you wholesome job prediction through astrology. This means that he/she will study the houses of your birth chart from the fifth to the eleventh and end up with a holistic conclusion before guiding you the right path that you should tread along. Bear in mind that career selection according to date of birth is not only confined to your career, but also quality of your education, the degrees/diplomas you have obtained, and income. 

Taking a decision vis-à-vis your career is a very serious thing that you can take only once. If you skedaddle with it without much brainstorming, your entire life will be at risk.  So, you should be wise enough to seek astrological intervention at the right time before it is too late for you to change your future course of action. From astrological point of view, the tenth house in your birth chart represents your Karma Bhava, which is your house of career and profession. The 10th  house in your horoscope  enables an astrologer to give you job predictions. Astrology for job is one of the branches of Vedic astrology to tell you when can person can a job according to date of birth in your horoscope.  

Job prediction by date of birth

An astrologer takes a gander at your horoscope and makes job prediction by date of birth, keeping into consideration the following houses: 

  • Second House: It shows your house of wealth. It also represents the receipt of money through all or any means, including your borrowed funds, salary and profits gained from selling or investing something. 
  • Sixth House: It is known as ‘Rina Bhav.’ It indicates the wealth that you will earn by providing your services through your employment to someone. 
  • Tenth House: It is your Karma Bhava and is also your house of career and profession. It throws light on your vocation and job predictions. It is also the chief house to determine a job in your horoscope by date of birth. 
  • Seventh House: It is the house that denotes your partnerships. The seventh house of horoscope indicates success in partnership: be it at work place or your domestic/married life.  So this house also denotes time of getting job according to your birth date and also maintaining success in the job.

Apart from these houses, there are certain assumptions that an astrologer ponders over, whether you are looking for a private job or a government job. You may have both private and government job yoga in your horoscope. But if you do not have an active Dhan Yoga, getting either of these jobs may be hard for you. Quite contrary to that, ending up with a wrong career might lead you to impeded activity of Dhan Yoga, because of which you might have misery and career dissatisfaction in your life. The problem does not come to an end with just Dhan Yoga. Your capabilities also play a major role in your chosen career. If you end up choosing the wrong career, your talent and skills will be futile.  So choose your career according to your birth details says Dr. Vinay Bajrangi . Whether you are looking for a private job or government job, you need to ensure that your horoscope by date of birth is well read by your astrologer, considering the pros and cons of your choice vis-à-vis your horoscope. 

Briefly, your future job prediction is no longer unfeasible. Get set to approach a competent astrologer with your horoscope by date of birth. Don’t worry where is that good career astrologer located in Delhi/Mumbai or anywhere. Online career predictions are easily available. These online career predictions will tell you how long you will remain unemployed and when fortune will bend over you.  Although the astrologer cannot create a job yoga in your horoscope, but can surely let you know whether or not a job yoga is present in your horoscope. And when will you get job according to your date of birth.

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