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Five Documents You Must Verify before Buying a New Flat

Here we come to the end of the article where we have discussed that you should verify some key documents before moving into the properties in Goregaon West

Today, people prefer ready to move in apartment in busy lifestyles as they do not want to waste much time. A person wants to move into their dream house as soon as possible. Sometimes people are in such a hurry as they forget that there are many things to consider before moving into the property. There are some ready to move in properties in Goregaon west that you should consider for your future, but make sure you verify some major documents before taking the final step.

This article focuses on rechecking five important documents with the builders before buying a new finished flat. You are spending your lifetime earning in this dream house as property prices in Goregaon east are slightly high. Therefore, you must verify these documents.

Here is a list of some documents that you should verify before purchasing ready flats in Goregaon West.

1. Sales Deed

It is the first document you should check for your new home. The sale deed is the legal registration document for the house that refers to the sale and transfer of property to the owner. For ready occupied flats in Goregaon West, you should carefully read all the terms and conditions of the sale deed.

Sometimes buyers are in such a hurry that they avoid reading any documents because they are in a rush to move into the finished flat. People should read sales deeds carefully to avoid any issues in the future.

2. Occupancy certificate

Next, you should check the completion of a certificate/occupancy certificate for your property in Goregaon. The municipal authorities issue a completion certificate upon completion of the project, and the local government agency issues an occupancy certificate upon completion of the project.

This document shows that the property is constructed with a proper legal basis. This document is vital for a person looking for a home loan from a bank or financial institution. If you finalize new residential projects in Goregaon West, make sure you have these documents that help you when applying for electricity, water and sanitation.

3. Building plan

It is the next most crucial document for the verification of new residential projects in Goregaon West. This document has a blueprint of the properties along with the layout of the actual properties. Buyers should ensure that the building's blueprint and the actual building are the same as if any unauthorized changes are made; it will risk the property to collapse in the future. The purchaser must ensure that the local authorities duly approve the layout and final property in Goregaon West.

4. Encumbrance certificate

This certificate can be obtained from the sub-registered office where a property has been registered. This certificate shows that the properties have no legal liabilities. No one can buy a property that has monetary or legal dues. Read all the documents very carefully before investing your hard-earned money.

5. Mutation Certificate

This document is proof that a person owns the property and establishes his taxes and liabilities. The purchaser must have sought help from a legal person to live a hassle-free life in his dream home.

Property prices in Goregaon east are slightly higher as it is located in the core area. So, you have to read all the important documents properly.


Here we come to the end of the article where we have discussed that you should verify some key documents before moving into the properties in Goregaon West. Sometimes buyers are in a hurry to start their new life in a new house, and eventually, they forget to read the documents carefully.

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