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Five Questions to Ask Before You Shop a New Mattress

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Today if you want to be healthy, then you need proper sleep. A perfect balance mattress gives you the comfort that you need at night. Buying a mattress is very easy, but make sure you buy a balanced mattress that meets your requirement.

An average person needs straight 8 hours sleep means; people spend almost 1/3 of their lifetime on the bed. There are many online mattress stores India where you can buy a mattress, but there are some points you should think before buying. We are discussing here now five major questions that help you to buy the mattress.

1. What size mattress do I need

Firstly, you have to measure the size of your room before you start searching for mattress stores in India. If your room is small, you cannot buy a king-size mattress as well as check your height if you are taller than select mattress which has a longer length. Planning to buy a queen size mattress, but your bed is only able to hold a double size mattress, and then there is a no use because sometimes people forget to compare the bed size to the mattress.

Below are the mattress sizes where you get the idea while searching for a suitable mattress.

Twin – 39x74 inches

Twin extra-long – 39x80 inches

Double/Full – 54x74 inches

Queen – 60x80 inches

King – 76x80 inches

2. How firm or soft do I need my mattress

It would be best if you always be more careful while choosing a mattress as you will notice many varieties on online mattress stores India. Some people need a hard, and some require a soft mattress for sleeping. No matter how fabulous your mattress is, but if they have failed to give you comfortable sleep, then such luxurious mattresses on your bed has no use. To avoid a torturous night, always choose a mattress that depends on your preferences.

3. What do I not like about my current mattress

There is something about your current mattress that you do not like that you should keep in mind when deciding to buy the best mattress in India. Current mattresses give you a fair idea of what to buy and what not to buy. You will get complete ideas like length, dimensions, surface and thickness. There are many online mattress stores India in the market where you will shop as per your requirement.

4. What do you like about my current mattress

An existing mattress always gives you a brief idea if you are planning to buy a mattress on online mattress stores India. If you like the softness of your mattress, then definitely you will buy a new mattress that is soft and suitable for your body. Just think why your current mattress is a favourite.

5. How do I return a mattress I hate

After days of research, you buy a mattress that you don't like after a night's sleep. Many companies' now offer a chance to exchange things after you don't like same go for the mattress. Some mattress brands allow you to exchange mattresses even after you are not satisfied with the quality. Make sure that you do not damage the mattress and label if you want to change it.


Here we come to the end of the article; we cover a top-notch question that you should keep in mind before buying a mattress. Ensure to research properly if you want to enjoy your night sleep without any hindrance.

Bianca Mattress– one of the best mattress brands in India offers a 10-year warranty and a 100-day trial. For more information, please visit

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