resolve canon printer error 5100

Fix Canon Printer Error 5100

If you getting canon printer error 5100, then read this article and get the best solution.

The main cause behind the Canon Printer Error 5100 is ink cartridge fault. 

Don’t worry, we will tell you everything in detail that how you can deal with the issue and proper steps so that you will not face the Canon Printer Error 5100 lifetime. 

Let us know you that you are not the only one who is dealing with this issue right now. A large number of people who have the canon printer are dealing with the same problem. 

The first thing they used to do is to open Google and starts searching for the steps to resolve the issue but what they find is nothing. Hence, we, after a full research work, we are here to take you out from this pool of Canon related problems.

Follow the steps given below to solve the issue by yourself.

Steps To Solve The Issue Of Canon Printer Error 5100

Reset Ink Cartridge

This is a very common but useful way to solve the issue of Canon Printer Error 5100. You just need to reset your ink cartridge and you will find that your printer is now working fine. 

Reset the Printer

If the above method was not that much capable to resolve the trouble then it would be better if you reset the printer. Restarting your printer will resolve almost half of printer related errors. 

Detritus inside the printer

Any piece of paper or any other thing if accidentally left inside the printer then it may cause the same error. So open your printer and check if there is anything that got stuck, if yes then remove it gently without applying a huge force. 

Paper Jamming

Paper jamming could be the main cause of why you are dealing with the trouble of Canon Printer Error 5100

So open the print head of the printer and check if the papers in the paper tray are inserted properly or not. If not, then remove the paper all the papers and insert them again. 

If you don’t want to face the same error in your future then we suggest you use always the right size and of high quality of papers inside your printer. 

Printing strip

The printing strip is also known as the encoder strip which if gets dirty, then it will cause the error 5100 canon printer issue you are dealing with now. 

So open your printer and check if something is wrong with the strip. If yes, then try to troubleshoot that by yourself.

Let’s sum it up

In this guide, we tried to help you by telling each method to solve the concern of how to fix Canon Printer Error 5100. But it’s not an issue if you are not getting what we are trying to say because we have another and better option for you which we have already discussed above in this article.

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