SQL Server Error 924

Solution to Resolve SQL Server Error 924

Learn simple and quick approaches to resolve SQL Server Error 924.

MS SQL Server is the most extensively used and advanced relational database management system. This application is operated by most organizations and businesses to store and manage the data, but any error in SQL will harmful to users. “SQL Server error 924 -Database is already open and can only have one user at a time” will appear on the user’s screen whenever a user is attempt to access the database which is set as a single-user mode. Hence, a single user can access the database at a time when it is set to single-user mode. If you are one of the users who face the same issue, then you do not have to worry. Here, we will provide the step by step process of how to resolve SQL Server error 924 manually or using an automated software solution. 

So, Let’s begin

Resolve SQL Server Error 924 Manually

Here we have listed some best possible manual techniques that you can adopt to fix SQL Server Database error 924:

  1. Restart SQL Service: If you are facing SQL Server error 924, you can restart the service of SQL Server. By restarting the service, the error message might be vanished out. 
  2. Restore Backup: Restoring a valid backup might be a good idea to fix this error. But you need to make sure that the backup does not have any corruption in it.
  3. Verify SQL Setting: Check the status of the SQL Server setting.

Run the below-mentioned command. If single-user mode is set, the status column will come up with ‘single user’ status.



Now run sp_who to know, who is using the database currently. By doing this you will be able to check the database name under the dbname column and the login name from the login name column and then you can easily contact that person and fix a time for database access.

You can also ask the system admin or database owner to change the setting from single-user mode to multi-user mode. But keep in mind, the change has to be done when the database is not in use.

        sp_dboption , single, false






Best Alternate Solution to Fix SQL Server Error 924 (Safe and Secure)

If the SQL Server error 924 is still not resolved using all these manual approaches. Then you must try SysTools SQL Database Recovery Tool. It is an advanced software that can resolve SQL database error 924 in just a few simple clicks. The working of the application is very simple and easy to use even for non-technical users. It supports all versions of SQL Server such as SQL Server 2017, 2016, 2014, 2012, 2008, and below versions. Let’s have a look at the incredible features of the application to infer more.

Features of the Utility:-

  • · SQL Recovery utility repairs damaged or corrupt database items like views,    stored procedures, triggers, functions, and tables.
  • · Promises database recovery in two modes: Quick and Advanced.
  • · Recovers both primary and secondary files of SQL Server database.
  • · Allows previewing of SQL database files before saving.
  • · Widely compatible with all SQL Server versions and Windows OS versions.

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Final Words:

Well, in the above discussion, we explained the manual, as well as the smart solution to resolve SQL Server error 924 - Database is already open and can only have one user at a time. Here, we have mentioned multiple manual tricks to fix the SQL Server error 924. But sometimes, the manual process does not resolve the error therefore, we always recommend the SQL database repair tool. You can try both solutions and pick the solution which is suitable for you.


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