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The major revolution in the ways of doing business came along with the development of smartphones. It is indeed baffling how we are able to get all our services done easily with just a swipe. Customers can get multiple services through a single application like Gojek. We live in a fast-paced environment, where every service is needed at an instant. At this rate, customers do not have the time to download separate apps for their needs. Super app covers all the requirements in a single platform. It includes traveling services, delivery services, rental services, and many more. It is indeed termed as a one-stop solution as it covers all that is required. 

Entrepreneurs can understand the influence Gojek has on its customers by going through the mind-boggling statistics about Gojek:

  • According to Statista, Gojek has over 29 million active monthly users. We ought to know the difference between monthly users and active monthly users at this point. Monthly users refer to that fact people have the app installed in their smartphone while active users refer to  customers who regularly use the application.
  • Out of which, 80% of the customers belong to Indonesia alone. This shows the massive presence Gojek has over Indonesia. 


Stand out aspects that makes Gojek successful 

Gojek is one of the pioneers in the multi-service app sectors. For entrepreneurs willing to develop their multi-services app, Gojek would be the right choice to draw inspiration from. Here are some of the benefits offered by Gojek. 


Matchmaking App algorithm
Gojek has an excellent matchmaking algorithm where it can prompt the users to buy products based on the products they have purchased previously. This is called cross-selling of products. It can also prompt the users to avail of the services that they are not using yet. For example, if the customer uses the Go-food service to order food. This helps reduce the cost involved in the marketing of services and also helps get better conversion rates.


Location-specific applications

Each country has its own diversity of population with different requirements to suit their customer needs. Gojek app merged its services in Singapore and Thailand to compete against the expanding fleet of Grab. Though events led by pandemic have led to 430 jobs cutoff, Gojek is setting foot in new areas with the main objective to set new expansion goals. Much to your surprise, the discussion is going on for a merger with Grab to focus more on the Thailand market. 


Mobile payment ecosystem
Most of the transaction takes place through a digital medium. Go-pay is a mobile payment integration system. Almost all online ordering systems offer payment through digital payment modes. There is immense scope for payment gateways like Go-Pay. They have a simple procedure to procure investments:

  • Customers can ask for a quote as per their requirements. Gojek will assess it and they can schedule a discussion for planning their needs. 
  • Once the parties have come to an agreement regarding deployment cost. Then, the payment module is sandboxed with the application. Gojek checks if the transaction gets processed through newly integrated Go-pay.

These are a few of the services offered by the Gojek app. There is still a lot more left to explore. 


What makes a multi-service app special? 

Customers are always attracted to unique solutions. There aren’t many multi-services apps available in the market when compared to single service apps. So they are likely to use these applications. Here are some of the reasons that show multi-services apps are better than single service apps:


Efficient and time-saving:

It is definitely tiring to download an app for every service we require. That is one of the main reasons for customers to prefer the multi-services app. 


Less storage space:

People already have many apps downloaded on their mobile phones. By downloading the all-in-one mobile apps they can save on the mobile storage space.



Who can say no discounts? Discounts are usually awarded to the customers based on the frequency of which the application is used. Multi-service apps will be used by customers regularly, so these apps provide discounts and offers to retain their customers. 


Popular services to include in your Gojek clone app

Pickup & delivery service:

It is one of the unique services. It is helpful for small businesses and entrepreneurs as they can directly connect with the delivery agents through these services. Here are some of the steps involved in using the services:

  • Customers have to specify the details of their packages, pickup, and delivery address. Pay for the service based on the distance between pickup and delivery points. 
  • Then the delivery agents pick the item from the customers and deliver it to the entered location.
  • An OTP is provided to the person at the delivery end to ensure that the product goes to the right customers. 

It is one of the budding services, making it more convenient and viable for future expansion.


Food delivery:

As per statista, revenue for the online food delivery sector is projected to reach $136.431 million by 2020. Most of the restaurants are part of the food delivery apps nowadays. By offering food delivery services as part of the Gojek clone app, entrepreneurs can provide ample options for customers to order from. It is likely to become successful over other apps. 


Grocery delivery apps:

Groceries are one of the most essential commodities which are widely purchased by customers. Amid the pandemic, grocery sales have skyrocketed in most sectors. There are three main business models to choose from among which the store pick model is the most economical model as only the delivery services are handled by the customers. 


These are some of the popular services in the delivery sectors. Apart from that, Ecommerce, car washing, logistics, rental services, etc.,  are some of the viable sectors to include in the Gojek clone app development.


Summing Up

The multiservice sector is a vast sector and there are still many areas that are left unexplored. Entrepreneurs can utilize it to their best interests for their business growth by investing in these apps.


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