kid’s WhatsApp calls and screen?

How you can track your kid’s WhatsApp calls and screen?

Youngsters are fond of social networking apps over the recent years. WhatsApp is one of those social messaging apps that have earned popularity all over the world.

Youngsters are fond of social networking apps over the recent years. WhatsApp is one of those social messaging apps that have earned popularity all over the world. The internet is a wild beast, and people will second my opinion about instant messenger. The instant messaging app allows youngsters to share violent and adult content in WhatsApp groups. It also empowers kids to make voice and video calls to anyone, and parents have reservations over it.

They are worried about their kid’s excessive screen-time and back and forth voice and video calls on the social messaging app. WhatsApp chats, messages, multimedia sharing, incoming outgoing calls, and voice messaging activities are massive in teens.

Therefore, parents want to track kid’s WhatsApp calls, messages, chats, media, and cellphone screen activities active with the social network.

Is it possible to track your kid’s WhatsApp calls & screen?

You can search hundreds of spy apps on the web that claims to track WhatsApp social media messenger. It is possible to record live IM calls without anyone knowing using WhatsApp call recording. You may ask a question about how call recording for WhatsApp can get the job done. It is capable of tracking instant messaging apps. You have to get your hands on the cell phone tracking software to get your hands on the tools that offer WhatsApp VoIP call recorder.  It also allows monitoring WhatsApp chat, media, voice messages, and many more. 

The cell phone tracker is not monitoring calls only. It offers dozens of other tools to track IM’s calls, browsing history, keystrokes logger, browsing history, GPS location, and many others. It is an app that works in an invisible way and spy on social messaging app without knowing. It supports cellphones and tablet devices running with Android and iOS devices.

Why use cell phone tracking app to track WhatsApp calls & screen?

Here are the following reasons that enable users to monitor and track social networking apps voice and video calls without root.

Monitor WhatsApp without effort:

You can use a cell phone monitoring solution that empowers you to track WhatsApp activities on cellphone and tablets. It can spy on social networking app and get call logs, messages, chats, audio-video calls, voice messages, and multimedia sharing. It provides a schedule of every activity via its web-based control panel.

Get incoming & outgoing call logs:

WhatsApp call recording enables users to monitor and track one-sided audio and video calls and save the data of the calls to its online dashboard.

Monitor IM’s calls without root:

It is one of the best tools that empower you to record IM’s calls without rooting the target device. Users can use a Voice call recorder to record calls on WhatsApp, Facebook, Viber, hangout, skype, Line, Telegram, and Hike.

Screen recorder:

Screen recording is one of the best tools of cellphone tracker that allow users to record back-to-back videos of the cellphone screen active with the WhatsApp social network. Users can send the recorded videos to the dashboard and watch live videos of the target phone screen.

GPS location tracking:

It is one of the best features of the cell phone tracking software that offers location tracking technology. Users can not only monitor IM’s on cellphone but also get to know about the pinpoint location. It further tracks live location, location history, and mark safe and dangerous places on the MAP.

Remote control tracking:

Application has multiple remote control features that enable users to view installed applications, block messages, calls, and the internet on the target device.

Browsing history

Users can monitor cellphone browsing historyand you can view visited websites, apps, and bookmarked pages on the browser with schedule.

4 Steps to track your kid’s WhatsApp calls & screen 

Here are the few steps to get cell phone monitoring software at your disposal, and you can get its features that allow you to track your kid’s with WhatsApp video recording and calls recording.

Step1: Visit TheOneSpy buy now page to select the plan

You can track IMs on any cellphone device to track kid’s social networking activities. You need to get your hands on the application that empowers you to track WhatsApp without them knowing. You can visit the webpage of TheOneSpy tracking app. You can subscribe to the package of your choice and receive an email. It provides a user name and ID that you can memorize.

Step2: Get physical access on the target phone

The physical possession of the target device is necessary and starts the installation process. You can complete the setup of cell phone tracking software on the target device and move towards the next step.

Step3: use a web-based control panel

Users have to use procured credentials in terms of user name and ID. It will activate the web-based control panel. Once TheOneSpy becomes active on the target device, you can use the WhatsApp call recording feature.

Step4: Use features that record VoIP calls & screen

The cell phone surveillance app has dozens of features apart from a voice call recorder. You can use Voice call recording tools to record and listen to WhatsApp calls, Facebook, Skype, and others without root to track social networks.

Users can also use the live screen recorder tool on the target cellphone device via a web-based dashboard. It empowers users to record live videos of the phone running with WhatsApp and save them to the dashboard.

What can parents do with the WhatsApp call recording?

It is one of the best tools that cell phone surveillance software has ever developed. It is best for digital parenting and empowers you to set parental control on kid’s WhatsApp incoming and outgoing calls. Parents can monitor the IM’s call logs with the schedule. It and also gets the one-side call recording of the social network. 

It enables parents to protect teens from making calls to strangers after they exchange contact numbers with strangers. It also prevents kid’s sharing private photos, videos, and explicit content on the social media apps.


Parents can track kid’s WhatsApp calls and screen to make sure their safety on the instant messaging app using VoiP call recording app. Parents can also track their kids by using social media spy apps.

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