2020 latest trends of Website Design & Development

Some Latest Trends In Website Design You Can’t Ignore In 2020 And 2021

one of the most important things that affect all your work is the design of the website. If your website is not well designed, the client might not feel attracted to your products. At the same time, a well-designed website can make the whole image of the brand or the company.

When you are running a website of your own, one of the most important things that affect all your work is the design of the website. If your website is not well designed, the client might not feel attracted to your products. At the same time, a well-designed website can make the whole image of the brand or the company.

The first thing to do is to understand why website design is important. Whenever a person visits your website, the person judges your product or service based on that website. If it is a well-designed website, they feel confident in your brand. It is like the packaging of your product. If your packaging is not shiny enough, they are not going to bother checking out the contents of it. The trends in website design keep changing every year, but each year there is some underlying theme that is constant in all designs. If you find the theme behind the designs, you can achieve a better aesthetic to your site.

Here are some of the most trending themes. These are some of the designs you can’t ignore!


Minimalistic designs have been trending for a while, and they don't seem to be leaving anytime soon. People are loving the classy and edgy look that they give. Minimalistic designs are in trend because they can be achieved comparatively easily and yet look professional. They don't require any high-level coding. Though coding can come in handy in taking your website that extra mile. It gives your site a clean look with a user-friendly interface.  SEO Tech Experts focus on creating SEO & User friendly website with creative and unique design & development skills.

Full-page designs:

When the website is spread over the whole page, it captures the user's attention. Side panels can prove to be distracting if they display some different designs. If the website covers the whole screen, the user will stay immersed on your website. It is the best way of getting your user's complete undistracted attention. You can take it one step further by keeping a focal point of your site. A full-sized header can be the focal point of the site as most of the user interactions are connected to the header.

Playful cursors:

With playful cursors and live screens, you can achieve a sense of excitement in the users. They are not very difficult to achieve. You can do it by a simple change in cursor shape, or complex coded animations. With these features, the user feels engaged with your site every time they interact with it.

Font variations:

Using the right font sets the mood for the site. Currently, clean and bold fonts are trending. The use of bold fonts makes a statement as a brand, and the use of clean fonts goes with the current theme of classy, minimalistic, or high designed websites. The typeface you choose should be easy to read, convincing for your theme, and complimentary to your designs. Bold typefaces make the website look strong, confident, chunky, and classy while staying professional.

We often underestimate the power of typefaces. Fonts have the power to convey your ideology by just one look even before the reader engages. Fonts can do anything from creating authority, and convincing your credibility, to make a delicate image. With every font you choose, you decide to convey your ideology.

Quality UX/UI:

Modern websites expect an upper level of UX design. These sites focus on how a human interacts with a device. Your website should be such that the user does not have to learn to use it. Whereas, you study the user and make it suitable for their use. The UI should cater to the user and not challenge them. The page load speed, loading graphics, user-friendly layouts, relevant SEO content, clutter-free screen are some of the things that help you achieve a complementary UI.

Color ColorColor:

Instead of picking a color, you should focus on picking a color pallet. You can find the trending color themes from WGSN and find a set of colors that suit the theme of the year. In 2020 mints, vintages, and pastels are trending. You can pick a color pallet that suits these themes.

Along with selecting the right colors, it is also important to place them correctly. Color coordinating your website will add a lot of attention amongst the users. Pay attention to sizes, shapes, graphics, and animations while placing the colors. Colors also play a notable role in psychologically influencing the user. The use of repulsive colors can lead to rejection from users. The colors should suggest what your website is all about.

3D elements and Live animations:

3D elements add a different sense of aesthetic to your page. Live animations make the user experience more immersive. The user feels like it is an almost personal experience. As they interact with your site, they feel like you realize their importance. If you use basic backgrounds, the user might feel ordinary.

Dark Mode:

Last but not the least dark more is equally, if not more important than all the features mentioned above. Dark mode has become an essential part of apps now, and that is going to be the same about websites. You don't want to be the last website that does it after the whole world. Jump on this trend well in advance, and you will be at an advantage.

The dark mode is important as not everyone uses their devices in the brightest environments. If the user is buying a product at night, there is a high possibility that the user might be discouraged from making the purchase. This can happen just because of the irritation that the bright light of your website gives to their eyes. Though this seems like a small thing, it can make a lot of difference. Apart from that, it helps save the device battery and gives your website a cleaner look.

Trends are ever-evolving. Hence, while you design your website, make sure you keep space for changes. The designs should not limit your website. Then you will have an issue redesigning them. In that case, you will have to completely revamp your site, and that's not a very convenient task. Hence it is better to consider and leave some space for modifications and upgrades.

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