Top 5 PHP Framework - You Should Know In 2021

With the increased usage of the web today, the demand for creating websites is also touching the sky. Dynamic websites are more preferred than static ones, and PHP is making it possible with their productive uses.

PHP is a well-known scripting language that is an absolute choice by several developers to develop websites and several businesses desire to get PHP development services for their website.

PHP is the most popular programming language which can be consolidated with HTML, making it a preferred choice of developers. The PHP development company will frequently revolve around a PHP framework to create their code.

There are numerous PHP frameworks known across the globe accelerating the development of web applications. But before mentioning the top frameworks, let us understand what a PHP framework is.


What is a PHP Framework?

PHP framework is a platform to develop web applications on PHP. It provides libraries with ample pre-packaged functions, classes, and elements for software design pattern awareness. About 80% of the websites are designed by programmers using the PHP framework. It is now a well-known practice because they take precautions for tedious and recurring parts of web development. 


Top 5 PHP Frameworks that you should know in 2021

With the help of a PHP framework, you can accelerate the web development procedure through arrangement and other important features. Its maintenance is quite easy, unlike other platforms that hold up model-view controllers. Some of the best PHP frameworks are listed below: 

Symfony Framework: It is an open-source framework that is known as the best web development framework, with elements and libraries that can be reused. It is much reliable and steady, a major reason why millions of developers choose it over others. It saves you enormous resources and your valuable time. The maintenance of this framework is quite easy and provides a good support system 24*7. It can be used by any new programmer smoothly, making it malleable, and is the most updated framework with security features. 

Laravel Framework: Released in 2011, since then Laravel has been gaining popularity as a full-fledged framework with many installations and contributors. Based on a Model View Controller plan, it has its language known as Blade that makes it easy to create HTML layouts. Approximately, 50% of PHP developers today recommend Laravel as it stands out in the market because of its robust functions, techniques, packages.

Phalcon: Phalcon is a fascinating framework because it is not coded in PHP, rather is delivered as a PHP extension written in C which makes it much faster. It is well known for handling higher requests per second than any other framework. Large companies that require high performance are recommended to use this framework as apart from its mind-blowing performance it also offers several features like ORM, security, and stashing.

Codelgniter: A MVC framework that provides the developers ease in creating projects fastly. It is much preferred because it is a flexible framework that is not restrictive and can be used as a toolkit. It does not force the developers to stick around the MVC technique as many other frameworks do. It offers hoarding, maintenance for many databases, and ample features that are essential in modern web applications.​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

CakePHP: With less sorting, this framework offers built-in features that help you code your business’s concepts. Both easy and complex software systems can be built with CakePHP because of its extravagant features. Came into existence in the 2000s, it is one of the oldest MVC frameworks. Its convention-based setup helps it in standing out in the PHP frameworks industry. 



The PHP frameworks are a powerful platform to make your work easier and save your time in developing web applications. To some extent all the PHP frameworks are similar, but they do differ when it comes to execution, security, innovative features, and community brace. 


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